Troubles Are A Fact Of Our Lives-100%-Full Inspiring Story

Troubles are a fact of our lives-100%-Full Inspiring story

Troubles Are A Fact

Troubles are a fact of our lives. Somebody understands this, some whole life weeps. In each turn of our life, we face problems. Life cannot be imagined without it.

Often we face problems, then we get defeated in front of them. At that time, we do not understand what is right and what is wrong. Every person has a different perspective of looking at situations. Many times in our life, a mountain of troubles is broken. Some people break up in those difficult times and some manage.

According to psychology, a human understands any PROBLEM in two ways;


1 (problem focus peoples)
2 (solution focus peoples)

Problem focus peoples are often piled up in troubles. In this way, humans think more about that problem than their solution. On the other hand, solution focus peoples think more about their solution in their troubles. Such human beings face troubles quickly.

Friends, today I am going to share with you the story of a great solution focus person who will motivate you to fight any problem. Friends, you must have heard the name of Napoleon Bonaparte. Yes, the same Napoleon Bonaparte who was a great fearless and courageous ruler of France who had no words of the impossible name in his life. Napoleon is considered one of the greatest and victory generals in the world in history. Napoleon Bonaparte considered one of the greatest winners in history. Nobody could stop him in front of him.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon often did risky things. Once, he announced to cross the Alappas mountain and read with his army. In front stood a huge and skyscraper impossible to climb. A sudden stir was created in his army. Nevertheless, he ordered his army to ascend. An elderly woman was standing nearby. As soon as he heard this, he came to him and said why do you want to die. All the people who have come here stayed here after eating the mouth.

If you love your life, then go back. Napoleon, instead of being angry at that woman, was inspired and quickly took off the necklace of the hero and put it on the elderly woman and then said; You have doubled my enthusiasm and inspired me. But if I am alive, then you cheer me up.

Listening to Napoleon, the woman said- You are the first person who was not disappointed and disappointed after listening to me. Those who intend to ‘do or die’ and face problems, they never lose.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar

Today is called the God of cricket because he showed his brilliant game at the time of need and got the Indian team out of trouble. It is not that this trouble comes in front of people like us, but also in front of Lord Ram. After marriage, the trouble of exile. He faced all the problems in an ideal manner. That is why they are called Maryada Purushottam. Trouble makes us ideal

Finally, always remember one thing;
Trouble in life is like frozen cream in a cup of tea,
And successful are those people who know how to drink tea by blowing the cream to the side

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