Top 12 Virat Kohli Mystery facts in the world-2019

Top 12 Virat Kohli Mystery facts in the world-2019

Mystery facts in the world-2019
Top 12 Virat Kohli Mystery facts in the world-2019

In this session, We will tell you “Top 12 Virat Kohli Mystery facts in the world-2019″ about mystery and facts about Virat Kohli. And we are giving you some basic and useful knowledge about Virat Kohli. As per knowledge, that he is the superior cricketer in the world right now.

Information about Virat Kohli……..

Born on: 5 nov 1988,Delhi (India)

Height: 5’9″ (175cm)

His father’s name is Prem Kohli and mother’s name is Suraj Kohli. Virat Kohli has two siblings named Vikas Kohli and Bhavna Kohli. Virat Kohli married with Indian actress Anushka Sharma in 2017.

Mystery and Facts about Virat Kohli…

Top 12 Virat Kohli

  1. First Indian to score a century on World cup debut (2011).
  2. Fastest Indian Cricketer who completed 1000,3000,4000, and 5000 in ODI cricket.
  3. The third player to score 3 double hundred in a calendar after Ricky P Ponting and Don Bradman.
  4. First Indian skipper to register 9 test wins in a calendar year.
  5. Most runs in IPL in a single season(973 runs in IPL 9-2016).
  6. Most 100 in IPL in a year(4).
  7. The first Indian cricketer to score 3 consecutive centuries in ODI cricket.
  8. Virat Kohli is turned to vegetarian.
  9. Virat Kohli had started to play cricket at the age of three.
  10. Virat Kohli’s income is 228 crore approximately per annum.
  11. Raj Kumar Sharma is the main trainer of Virat Kohli.
  12. Virat Kohli is called Chikoo is given by his coach Ajit Choudary in his childhood.
  1. Top 12 Virat Kohli

Best Award Won During Career Of Cricket

  1. 2012 ICC ODI player of the year award.
  2. 2012 People choice awards for the favorite cricketer.
  3. 2013 Arjun award for cricket.
  4. 2017 Padam Shri award.
  5. 2018 sir Garfield Sobers Trophy.

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