Top 10 Most Dangerous WWE Wrestlers Of All Times in the world

Here, we talk about top 10 dangerous fighter in whole WWE. There are many dangerous fighter in WWE. They fight without fear but as I experiment in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, I observe these things which I am going to mention in front of you. But , yet you are not satisfied with these article.

(10). JOHN CENA 

dangerous wwe wrestler

First of all we talk about , John Cena. John do not frighten in WWE. He always stands confidentially in opposition of fighter. John Cena is an American professional wrestler. He is also an actor , rapper, as well as television presenter. John signed to WWE because of a good wrestler.Furthermore, He is well fighter in WWE and win many a times. He is famous for his an unique style in WWE also a song.

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(9). ROMAN REIGNS Risky Man

dangerous wwe wrestler
Roman Reigns Biography

In the second place we put, Roman reigns. He is very popular not only for their superman punch but also spare. Roman Reigns is an American professional wrestler, actor, and former professional gridiron football player. He signed to WWE as a member of the Smack Down brand under the ring name Roman Reigns.

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dangerous wwe wrestler

Next dangerous of fighter WWE is Kurangle. He is not only a dangerous fighter but also an actor. He signed to WWE because of a professional wrestler and an amateur wrestler . The Kurtangle works as a backstage producer. He is the best fighter in WWE.

(7).Braun Strowman

The Braun Strowman is most dangerous and strongest WWE wrestler in the world. In 2014 he is debut in wrestling world. Strowman is known for destroyable unstoppable monster among us. Height of Braun is 6 feet 8 inch tall and weight (175 Kg). Many example are avaible, he has attacked on other fighter very badly. He do not care who is stand in his opposition.

(6). The Rock

The Rock is the most dangerous WWE wrestler. Height od Rock is 6 feet 5 inch tall and weight 260 pound or (118 kg). Rock was first appearance public in 1996. He has won 17 different titles during his careerand very tolerated in WWE. He defeated several biggest powerful men like Hulk Hogan, Brock lesner, many more in WrestleMania. Rock has fought with Undertaker, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, Booker T, etc.

(5). Triple H

Another name for our countdown is Triple H. He is the most dangerous WWE wrestler in history. Heightof him is 6 ft 2 inch tall andweight 255 pound (116 kg) approx.. He was debut wrestling career in 1992. He had won 14 times World Championship and 2 Royal Rumble winner. Triple H has beat many serious wrestlers like, Shawn Michel, The Rock, John Cena , Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, roman reigns etc.

(4). The undertaker

The undertaker most dangerous WWE wrestler in the world.He shows his frighten eyes to oppositors. His height 6 feet 10 inch tall and weight 309 Pound (140 kg). The Dead man is popular for undefeated 21 WrestleMania streak. Their entry style and eyes make audience horror. He defeated severals of greatest superstars like Jake Roberts, Big Show, Kane, Ric Flair, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Batista, Edge,Brock Lesnar etc.

(3). Randy orton

Randal Keith Orton is an American professional wrestler and occasional actor. He is WWE champion and a No. 1 star of thier fans , where he performs on the Raw brand. He is also an active fighter. Randy orton has power of leapord

(2). Bill Goldberge

In the second last we are talking our countdown No .02 greatest challenger, Bill Goldberg most dangerous wrestler in the world ever.Height of Bill is 6 ft 4 inch tall and weight 285 Pound. He well-famous for 176 matches undefeated streak it is record. He has won several championship title in his career.He won many fights and defeated severals fighter. Undertaker, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Stone Cold, Booker T, etc.

(1). Brock Lesnar

brock powerful fighter

At last we are taking Brock lesnar the most strongest and dangerous WWE wrestlers. Brock is both martial artist and former UFC heavyweight champion. Height of him is 6 ft 3 inch tall and weight 265 pound (120 kg). Brock is only 6th man who defeat Goldberg clearly and win the universal championship. He is only one man who break the Undertaker streak 21-1 in WrestleMania 30. He became WWE champion at the age in 25 . Brock won various championships title in his career.

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