The Most Popular and the Best Sports in the World

The Most Popular and the Best Sports in the World

10.Rugby (450 m)

Here we tell you about The Most Popular and the Best Sports in the World, Let’s begin: Rugby is the most popular in the country of British colonies such as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Fiji, Canada. It is most popular in NZ and Wales, but also strong in England, Ireland and Scotland.

Rugby most important sport

9.Golf (475m)

golf most important sport

Golf is getting popularity nowadays. Golf is famous in the following countries. In these countries, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Republic of Ireland, Northern, Canada, Wales, United States.

8.Baseball (500m)

baseball most important sport

Baseball is the most popular in these countries of the United States. The name of countries Dominican Republic, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Iraq, Nicaragua.

7.Basketball (875)

Basketball most important sport

There is not only one country except which like basketball. There are lots of countries which like Basketball so much China, Philippines, Turkey, the United States, and basketball has become a major part of this sport.Noe this is spreading in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

6.Table Tennis (870 m)

Table-Tennis most important sport

There is no doubt to say that China is a fan of this sport. After China Europe, North America, and Australia tennis is gaining popularity in Central and South America. Now it is spreading Asia, New Zealand, and Africa, also.

5. Volleyball (90 m)

Vollyball most important famous sport

Brazil in Number one, Russia in Number second, Serbia in third, and like this Cuba in fourth.

4.Tennis (105 m)

Tennis mosts important popular

Tennis is wider spreading in the country of united states. Now it is spreading in Australia, France, China, Russia, Germany, Italy, Czechia, Japan, Spain, Argentina also.

3.Field Hockey (213)

Hockey most well popular

Field Hockey is widely famous in Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Hong Kong, and the United States. This sport is widely spreading in some countries for women’s in the USA and Canada.It is popular there for women’s school sport.

2.Cricket (2.6 B)

Cricket most famous game in the india

Mostly, it spread in India. Moreover, West Indies, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, England,  New Zealand are also like it.. There are more but this country’s popular sport is only Cricket. Therefore, we put it in second place

1.Football (The Most Popular and the Best Sports in the World) (4.23 B)

Football most popular sport in the world

The widely popular sport is Football in the world. And the viewer of this sport is the most of other sport. As a result, it is spreading globally. There are not specific to some countries but yet the most popular country for football in Europe, Africa, America and Asia also. We put it in the first place.

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