Story of Shri Khatu Shyam | Shyam Baba Story | Barbaric Complete History

Story of Shri Khatu Shyam | Shyam Baba Story | Barbaric Complete History

khatu shyam

Story of Shri Khatu Shyam

Till a few years ago, Shri Khatu Shyamji’s name was known only in Rajasthan. But for some years, the propagation of Khatu Shyamji has increased so much that it is known not only in India but all over the world that many families have seen the miracles of Khatu Shyamji directly with their eyes. The temple position of Shri Khatu Shyamji is 18 km from Ringas town in Sikar district of Rajasthan. Where only the darshan of the Lord fills the store of happiness and happiness and peace in life.


The legend of Shri Khatu Shyamji, the famous sacred story is summarized as follows: For the Mahabharata war, huge camps of Kaurava-Pandava parties were face to face. There was a stir in the camps that started the war on the second day. According to the war policy, after sunset, people from both sides could get together, so soldiers in these camps of the crusade were also getting together.

The land between the camps was filled with the movement of heroes. Just then, a fiery warrior arrived on the equipped chariot. He stopped his chariot under the Peepal tree. Opened the horses and left them to graze. After taking off the Shiraastran (weapons etc.), having refreshments and sitting on his chariot to rest. He was surrounded by the heroes of both the parties. Right now I have come to see this great war like a spectator, later I will fight on behalf of the party which will be defeated or with which injustice has been done. ”They were all watching him in astonishment. One of the attendees asked- “But where is your army?” Is your army coming back? “No, I don’t need an army.


I have come without the army. ”Said Barbaric proudly. “Then how will you help the defeated party?” Visitor Mahabali smiled – “I don’t need an army. I have the Assamese faith in my bow and these three arrows. I can kill the enemy army with a single arrow, on release my first arrow will mark the death spot of every person and the second arrow will bind them. “Many people asked with astonishment. “I am the grandson of Bhimsen, Mahabal Barbaric, son of Ghatotkacha.” In a few moments like a thunderstorm, the matter spread to both camps. Barbaric’s name was echoing on everyone. The soldiers were not reaching the depth of the talk, but the warriors who understood the seriousness of the matter got worried.


Lord Krishna started thinking that if indeed he would support the brave weak side, then the Kauravas would become weak as soon as the Pandavas were conquered. Then that hero will fight on their behalf and turn the victory of the Pandavas into defeat. Is he really the only archer who can kill an enemy army with two arrows? Walk-in the arose and reached near Barbaric. Seeing them coming, all the soldiers went away. Barbaric greeted Shri Krishna. Both were introduced. Taking the shelter of diplomacy, Shri Krishna asked – ‘How can you kill the whole army with these three arrows?’ Barbaric proudly raised his head, raising an arrow on the bow and said – ‘Look, I am thus all enemies – Can kill the army. You are looking at this peepal tree. My arrow will mark all its leaves and the second arrow will bind them. If you want, I can also put these dried leaves scattered on the earth. ”Krishna was eager to see this scene.

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They broke two leaves. Closed one in the fist of the hand and pressed the other under the foot. Barbaric was inspired and released the arrow. Everyone noticed that every tree and leaf of the earth was marked. When Shri Krishna opened his fist, the leaf of the hand was also marked and the leaf under the foot was also marked. Shri Krishna was very surprised. By then Barbaric left the second arrow. Each leaf was tied in the middle. Shrikrishna Akula woke up and got into deep thinking about how to be prevented from participating in the war. After all, after thinking about them, he found a solution. In the morning he got up and came to Barbarik as a petitioner. He was having an evening.

khatu shyam

After Sandhyavandan, Barbaric said to the yacht – “command the Brahmin deity, what is the desire?” “Desire to get some donation, Maharaj!” Said Sri Krishna, a Brahmin from the holder. ‘Here I do not have special money, I am in a foreigner. These are valuable garments, say them if you want. Whatever I have, I will give it to you in charity. “I will ask whatever is in your hand.” Then I have no denial, even if you ask for my life. “Pran! This is not good enough, Mahabali.

khatu shayam

Barbaric shuddered to hear this. Such a hard donation can also be sought somewhere. He suppressed anger and said- ‘I don’t believe that you are a Brahmin yacht. You have tainted the practice of charity. You are definitely a diplomat. I will surely fulfill the promise that I have given. But now you tell me who you really are? ”Shri Krishna changed his form and said -“ I am Shri Krishna Barbaric! I do not want you to participate in this great war and destruction will happen on both sides because of you. “I will fulfill my promise, but my wish will disappear with me.” Feel free to say, what do you want? ” Me. I want to see this war well. All the masters of the world have joined it. I want to see who is so good. “Your wish will surely be fulfilled.”

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