Steven Paul Steve Jobs Apple Company Updated And Completed Biography

Steven Paul Steve Jobs Apple Company Updated And Completed Biography

Steven Paul Steve Jobs
Steven Paul Steve Jobs

Name– Steven Paul Steve Jobs (Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs)
Birth– 24 February 1955 Place- San Francisco (US)
Death – 5 October 2011 (age) 56 years Palo Alto, California
Introduction– Founder of Apple
Awards – Apple Computer received the title of “Machine of the Year”, National Medal of Technology Award by the US President, Equal of Bed, California Hall of Fame, not only the Grammy Trustee Award after death, etc.

Steven Paul Jobs Introduction

Steven Paul Steve Jobs

Born on 24 February 1955 in California, Steve Jobs’ life was a struggle from birth, his mother being an unmarried college student. And that’s why she didn’t want to keep him and decided to adopt Steve Jobs in a good family. But those who were adopters refused to say that they want to adopt the girl. Then Steve Jobs was adopted by Paul and Paul Jobs from California. Both Paul and Kalra were not very educated and belonged to the middle family.

apple watch
Apple watch

When Steve Jobs was 5 years old, his family moved to Mountain View, near California. Paul was a mechanic, and Steve knew about electronic things and Kalra was an accountant, so she helped Steve’s studies.

Steve Steve took admission in Monta Loma School and completed his primary education there. After this, he completed higher school from Kuptirno junior high school.

Apple logo

he went to Reed College, In 1972, for his college studies Oregon, which was the most expensive college. Steve was very good at studying but, his parents could not pay the full fees, so Steve Steve raised money by selling bottle coke to pay the fees, and due to lack of money, he went to temples and got free Used to eat food. And to save the rent of his hostel, he used to sleep on the ground in the rooms of his friends. Despite saving so much, they could not raise the money for fees and seeing their parents working hard, they thought of leaving college and helping them.

But his parents did not agree with him. Therefore, at the behest of his parents, instead of not attending college, he accepted to go to creative classes. Soon Steve grew interested in him. Along with going to classes, he started working as a technician in a company called Atari Atari.

Steve Steve believed heavily in spiritual life, so Steve came to India to meet his religious teacher. And spent a lot of time in India. During his stay in India, he completely embraced Buddhism and started wearing clothes like a Buddhist monk. And became completely spiritual. And moved back to California from India.

Starting of Apple Company

Steven Paul Steve Jobs
Steven Paul Steve Jobs

In 1976, at the age of just 20, he started the Apple company. Steve Steve, along with his classmate friend Wozniak Vozniyaak, designed the operating system macintosh in his father’s garage. And wanted to build an Apple computer to sell it. But there was a problem due to a lack of money. But his problem was solved by a friend of his, Mike Mirculla (Mike murkulla) and at the same time, he also became a partner in the company. And Steve started making Apple computers.

He also joined Pepsi, the Chief Officer of the Coca Cola Company, John Ski to work with him. Due to the hard work of Steve and his friends, within a few years, the Apple company had grown from a garage to a company with $ 2 billion and 4000 employees.

Re-sine from Apple Company

Steven Paul Steve Jobs
Steven Paul Steve Jobs

But this achievement did not last long, due to the lack of support from their partners and the mutual agreement, the popularity of the Apple company started to decrease. Gradually, the company was completely in debt. And in 1985, at the board of director’s meeting of the board of directors, all the blame was blamed on Steve, and in 1985 he removed him from the Apple company. This was the saddest moment of his life.

Because the company he had created with hard work and ascendancy was removed from him. The company was completely in debt as Steve left.

5 years after he resigned from Apple, he named Next-ink and started two companies named Pixer. The technology used in Next-ink was excellent. And their aim was to make the best software. And there used to be animation work in Pixer Company. After working for a year, the money problem started coming and partnered with Rosh Perot. And Perot invested his money. In 1990, Next-ink launched the first computer in the market but could not run in the market due to being too expensive. Then Next-ink made an Interpersonal computer which became very popular. And Pixer made the animated film Toy Story, which is the best film ever.


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