Sports: Top 10 Most Expensive Sports In This World-2019

Sports: Top 10 Most Expensive Sports In This World-2019

This blog will talk about the “Sports: Top 10 Most Expensive Sports In This World-2019”. We all take an interest in sports and games. But there are some sports which are very expensive to play. These sports are played by some people who have a lot of money. But we all want to play these sports when we watch on TV or some other social media platform. Let’s begin with the topic of the top 10 sports in the world.

(10) Pentathlon:Pentathlon sports

The Pentathlon is a mix of five-game. These five games are running, jumping, swimming, fencing, also a pistol shooting. It needs the skills of these five games. You need to hire trainers. Also, you need other necessary equipment. First of all, you need a horse. You need a pistol for shooting. it cots high to maintain a pistol.

(9) Wing-suiting

Wing-suiting sports

In this sport, you wear a wing-type cloth. You jump from a very high place. It is a very interesting game but it is not much interesting when you come down. At least, One pair of cloth will cost around $5,000. It is an affordable price for a normal person


Bobsledding sports

Bobsledding is also an expensive game. It costs more than Wing-suiting. The fees for trainers are also high. Only 8 members play this game in one time. They equally divide into 4-4 members. For playing this game you need a Bobsleds. It costs around $25,000. It is very safe to play in.

(7) Hot air balloon racing

Hot air balloon racing


This game is very famous for its big size also requires hot air to fly in the sky. If we talk about the cost. First recreational activity $500 or more. Purchasing a Hot air balloon around $20,000. Inflating cost about $10,000. safety infections cost up to $300. Training for the pilot’s license will cost a maximum $3,200. Now you can get the conclusion of expense.

(6)Ski jumping

Ski jumping

Here it depends on how you want to play. Only for enjoyment or professionally. If you take it professionally and carry it for internationally. So now calculate the expense. For the trainer, you have to pay about $1,00,000 in a year. For taking insurance $****(up to you ). But this is one of the interesting games.



It requires a horse to play. This game only for them who know riding, driving, vaulting also steeplechase. If you don’t know you have to train. By the way, this sport comes under a rich society. Training, buying an active horse, maintaining it. It is a neither easy nor cheap task. For horses only you have to pay about $2,00,00. As you know that it is much costly. Therefor mostly rich people love it to play.


Polo sports

It is only for rich people, Why? Know; For this, you need a superior horse for playing Polo. As you know it is not cheap. You need to pay for training, traveling also for maintaining. Remember you need to buy at least five horses because one horse will exhaust till the entire game. The horse should be very active. It should be well groom, also full energetic. The cost of joining in tournament from $4,000 to $1,50,000. The cost of patron up to $10,00,000. It requires medical care also.


Sailing sports
Sports: Top 10 Most

As we know that water is free also the air is free. Instead of it, Sailing is also an expensive sport, How? First of all, we will have to purchase a boat. If you don’t buy you will take it on rent. It will cost about $15,000. We need to maintain it. And other necessary types of equipment also require for sailing. It takes at least one month to complete the game. It needs to keep it in dry land for a long life of the boat. The cost of the boat also depends on rent.

(2)Formula 1

Formula 1 sports

This is my favorite game I watch it also dream to play. For this game first, you require your own car. In fact, If you don’t buy you will take it on rent. In this game, you also require medical care because you may get injurious while playing. The cost of car is an average of $10.5m. You need to train yourself so much also require a special trainer. As a result of this has become the dream game of many of them.

(1)The Whitianga festivals of sports

The whitanga festiwals of sports
Sports: Top 10 Most

This is the most expensive sport in this universe. This sport holds in New Zealand every year. This sport requires a helicopter also a good trainer. Finally, you have understood why it is so costly game in the world. You not only require $ but also some special power.

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