Mulla Nasruddin Silver Coin Story

Mulla Nasruddin Silver Coin  Story

Mulla Nasruddin
Mulla Nasruddin

People were very appreciative of Mulla Nasiruddin’s intelligence and talent. Some people also called him a foolish donkey. There is a popular story about his intellectuals, which we friends tell you today.

At one time, Mulla Nasiruddin became so poor that he had to beg for wandering from house to house. Mullah used to fill his stomach with great difficulty. Mullahs always used to go begging in the market of their city. This caused a strange smile on the faces of his opponents. Those people were very happy and they used to plot some conspiracy every day to burn Mulla.

He stood in front of the mullah holding a coin in both his hands, in which there was a gold and silver coin. He used to ask mullahs to get one of the two coins. Mulla always loved silver coins. His foolishness made his opponents so happy that he used to dance in front of the mullahs, but the mullahs never felt bad about this.

One day a gentleman came to that city for a visit. When he saw this with his eyes, he felt sorry for Mulla. He went to them and took them to the corner and said to them, “Mullaji, you know that gold coins cost more than silver coins, yet why do you always like silver coins?” You may not know but. You must like a gold coin

Mulla remained silent after listening to the gentleman. He expressed his gratitude to the gentleman and also said something that upon hearing the gentleman agreed that in reality, Mulla is one of the world’s most intelligent people ”

Mulla said, “Gentleman, I also know that gold is worth more than a silver coin, but you do not understand.” From the day I took the gold coin, on this day these people will understand that I consider them foolish and later they will never put both coins in front of me. I would like to tell you that today I have collected a lot of silver coins like a fool and I will continue to receive silver coins in the same way, which will remove my poverty. Sometimes it is beneficial to be a fool “

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