SEO for beginners, Google updates

SEO for beginners, Google updates

SEO for beginners

In this lesson, we will learn all those factors which play an important role in SEO. As you have understood to see our topic “SEO for beginners, Google updates” here we will give you a more relevant answer

About Google:

Google search Engine

If you have your own website or you are working for SEO. So it the most important to understand the rule of Google and updates. Here we are going to share with you the basics of the SEO. First of all, we will tell you how Google always keeps on visiting our website through there bots. What is Google crawler? What changes made Google and what effect on our website of those changes? What is the Google algorithm? We will cover these major terms which are played a very important role in ranking our website on the first page of Google.
Let’s begin:

What changes Google did? or What Google updated?

Google is the biggest Search Engine. It follows a link from one web page to another web page. Google has own robots/crawlers which are known for a robot, a bot, or a spider. Google crawls each day more than a billion pages.

Google includes three major terms:
a) a crawler
b) an index
c) an algorithm

Now we explain it in details:

a) a crawler (meaning)

Goole crawler

These crawlers follow links of your website. It works on the internet around 24/7 in Google. It continuously checks your website in a few days or 1 week to 2 weeks. As it comes on your website it saves the HTML version of a page in a gigantic database, which is called Index. This index is automatically updated whenever crawler comes on your website again and it finds new things in your website or you have made a change in your website.

How does the Search Engine(Google) find your website?

For Search Engine, first of all, you need to verify your website on the Google Search Console(GSC). It takes 24 to 72 hours then you are eligible to come on Google. Now how Google finds your site, for google that you have a site, you have to link from another site which is already in the existence of the google. This is the basic process, which is very important in SEO.

Know Google’s Algorithm:

When Google’s crawler comes on your site it captured your HTML called index. After indexing, Google can show your site in the search result. Google has a particular algorithm they decide which pages will in which order. Nobody knows it, it depends on google algorithm. there are several tools that can help you find the secret behind Google’s Algorithm, such as Yoast.

What is the value of links for search Engines:

It the most important to link your website with another one. Suppose Google’s crawler comes to post and index all the HTML of that page. If you have connected that page with all other posts it means google crawler comes on which post and index those HTML, in that HTML your other post links also index by the google. Which will benefit for other remaining another post.
Consider internal link:
If you connect your webpages or post within a site known as internal links. it means you are not connecting your website to another website.

what is the crawl ability:

Crawlability depends on you that how you are maintaining your website. If your website is not blocked or not any pages blocked, it means your crawlability is good. But if your website or any page is blocked you have to bear difficulties. There are several ways where you can prevent your side.

Important Google Updates:-

Throughout the year, Google has updated for preventing the best side and block the spam site.

1) Panda (2011)

Google panda

The main aim to panda update is to diminish all those sites which are made only for ranking in the search engine. Panda focuses on on-page factors. it finds that valuable for visitors or not. Now, Google has started to update continuously.

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2) Penguin (2012)

Goolge penguin

Next year in 2012 Google rolled out the Penguin update. Penguin especially looked at the links websites taken from other sites to rank in the search engine result page. As per google algorithm, if you are ranking your website basis of links value. Google assumes it as a spam website. In the past year many people buying links to boost their website, but Google does not allow you to do this. Now, Google has started to update continuously.

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3) Hummingbird (2013) 

hummingbird update

Hummingbird is also an update of the google, It aims to make better the search engine. As you write any query in the search bar. Google provides you with some related phrases in the search bar. You have seen in the google in the “People also search for”. Hummingbird’s main aim to show those items which are most related.

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4) Mobilegeddon (2015)

Mobilegeddon update

Mobilegeddon is also an update of Goole to provide better service on mobile phones. Because around 50% of people use mobile phones for Google. Therefore Google gives the best opportunity to those sides which are mobile-friendly.

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5)Possum (2016)

Possum update


In September 2016, a possum update introduced by google. The work of this update is to apply several changes to Google’s local ranking filter. After updating, Google started to show a more varied result which is very helpful. It shows that result which is depending on the physical location of the searcher

6)Mobile Indexing first algorithm (2018)

It is last but not end, Google is currently working on this. It means clear that Google will create and rank its listing of search based on the mobile version of the site. First, remember you need to maintain your site as well as you maintain in desktop so that when it crawls your site it index all the things about your mobile HTML. So that it will become mobile friendly and help to rank in the search engine result page.

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In this blog, (SEO for beginners, Google updates) we discussed all Google crawlers, all Google updates, and Google algorithms. We are providing you with all the information about digital marketing. From the point of view of SEO. This lesson is very important. Now, it is your time to practice for any need to contact us.

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