Top 10 richest WWE wrestler Superstars In The World-2020

Top 10 richest WWE Superstars In The World-2020

Who is the richest superstar in WWE? The 10 richest WWE superstars or have much money WWE wrestler, or top 10 super richest WWE fighter are well known But a factor that returns most of the time is the large salaries they earn in exchange for sweat and blood. From the beginning of the professional fight, these superstars were considered heroes who live a life that most fans dream of. However, most fighters would have a miserable financial history to tell, but some stand out for boasting high net worth. And here is an overview of these fighters with the healthiest bank accounts.

10 – Mick Foley – $ 15 million

It is possible that the Hardcore legend is not yet active in the ring, but it definitely has links with the company and, therefore, is on the list. During his good morning, Foley was one of those fighters he worshiped on top of the pain he would endure. From the original ECW to WWE, he has fought under several names like Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and Mankind. Blood and violence could be relieved in the current era, but Foley remains at the top of the unconditional food chain.

9 – The Undertaker – $ 16 million

The undertakerTaker assaulted the WWE with his debut in 1990 and after two decades he has one of the most decorated races of the company. With a perfect WrestleMania record and exclusive art games to its name, The Undertaker remains one of the most bankable superstars of the current era. And the fact that the end of the sequence is more expected than the end of the world adds a cherry on the cake.

8 – Shawn Michaels – $ 17 million

The Heart Break Kid reaches the age of eight despite being one of those fighters who stayed with his retirement and retained the need to make a spectacular return. He has been successful throughout his career as an individual competitor and as a team fighter. His rebel alliance with Triple H, called D Generation X, is still drooling fans for the sheer excitement they have bought in the ring.

7 – Chris Jericho – 18 million dollars

Chris JerichoCurrently touring with his heavy metal band Fozzy, Chris Jericho has many other sources of income outside of WWE. Jericho also has one of the few records in the field to beat Steve Austin and The Rock of Stone Cold the same night to win the undisputed WWF championship. The six-time world champion still rings some bells in the WWE world and ranks pretty well in seventh place on the list.

6 – Kurt Angle – $ 20 million

Kurt angleThe Olympic gold medalist, who currently works for TNA, might look like a black horse on the list that contains the stars that receive large WWE paychecks, but he is one of those fighters who are still in the competition. Desired list of Vince McMahon. At his current age, Kurt could still make the young man run for his money with his technical skills and experience.

5 – Triple H – $ 25 million

Triple H
The 10 richest WWE
The company’s chief operating officer, Triple H, will become the owner of the package, but currently, it is only the fifth on the list. The brain killer has organized the world championship 13 times and still seems to have one or two epic matches to bring. His recent has been promoted at the head of the creation and it seems that the WWE landscape will change.

4- Big Show – $ 30 million

The 10 richest WWE
The 10 richest WWE
Probably the biggest surprise on the list, Big Show is one of those fighters who had a roller-coaster race at WWE. The Giant has extensive experience in various promotions, including WCW, ECW, and WWE, but has never lived up to what superstars like Triple H and Shawn Michaels could produce. But that does not reflect your bank balance, as it surpasses many big names.

3 – John Cena – $ 35 million

The 10 richest WWE
The 10 richest WWE
The Cenation leader recently revealed that his character is generating $ 100 million a year for the company, so there won’t be many eyebrows raised after seeing him in the top three. It is one of those superstars that have the ability to flood fans with a lot of emotions. Although he is being criticized for the thrust he is receiving and his skills in the ring, Cena can safely be considered the best product available for WWE at this time.

2 – Steve Austin – $ 45 million

The 10 richest WWE
The 10 richest WWE
Fighter becomes a movie star Steve Austin was known for his rebel manners during his time at WWE. His dispute with Vince McMahon was the highlight of the era of attitude and Aus.

1- The Rock – $ 70 million

The 10 richest WWE
The 10 richest WWE
Another fighter who has become an actor, The Rock has had more success on the big screen than Austin. From Scorpion King to the Fast and Furious series, Rock has won high praise for his acting skills. He was one of the main characters that helped integrate the company into the current product. He has also found time to fight John Cena twice recently and the money he earns from his appearances in the movies and WWE is simply making him the richest superstar by a large margin.

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