PUBG viral website game must know about pubg

PUBG: viral website game must know about pubg


PUBG – Player unknown Battle Ground This is a name that in today’s time is said to be the king of the game world, if not wrong, in today’s time there will be nobody who does not know about PUBG whether he or she also play games or have information. PUBG is such a game that has touched all the height of the world and proved its fastest using game. PUBG viral very fastly.

Today the popularity of Pubg is so much that it is installed in almost every mobile, youtube, Facebook, Instagram is in Pubg Trend everywhere. People are also earning a lot of money by live-streaming Pubg on Youtube and Pubg itself conducts official tournaments whose prizes are also in crores.

pubg warrior

PUBG has broken the Surrey record of the game world. So today we will tell you some things about PUBG that most people will not know and at the same time will tell about such a huge success of this game.

Let us tell the one who does not know about the pubg, this is a multiplayer game, in this game 100 players can play simultaneously, in this game you mean single, alone, duo means 2 people in a team, squad in a team. There are more options that you can play with four people.

Pubg viral

And we can chat with each other as well in this game. In this game 100 people will be taken to an island with the help of a plane, you can jump to the place of choice with the help of a parachute. After that you have to search for guns, bombs, bullets, helmets, etc., after that, you have to die by finding more people that the player or his team stay alive till the end. Winner Chicken Dinner

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Previously Pubg used to run only in heavy phones (phones above 2 GB) and there is also a 2.5 GB game. But today even if you have a budget phone, you can play this game easily because PUbg has also released its LITE version which will run on even the cheapest phone and for PC people also released PC LITE version. Let’s enjoy this game once.

Learn about some interesting and successful PUBG games.

The owner of the game is Brandon Greene (Brandon Greene), he is known as Player Unknown on the online scale, hence the game was named player unknown battleground.

PUBG game owner Brandan Greene was a photographer web designer in Brazil in his early days, then later he learned to develop and design games.


The PUBG game has sold 2 million copies so far.

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It took 70 game developers and one year to make this game.

PUBG game is called Best Multiplayer Game, PC Game of the Year, Action Game of the Year, Esport Game of the Year, Trending Game of the Year ( Trending Game Of The Year) won the PUBG and many more awards this PUBG game won.
This game is the only game in which this record was first played by Wolf Delta 2 playing 1342000 simultaneously.
This game was also included in one of the best selling all-time lists at one time.

This game received the most awards.

jeep of pubg

This game is called Best Multiplayer Game, PC Game of the Year, Action Game of the Year, Esport Game of the Year, Trending Game of the Year ( Trending Game Of The Year) and many more such awards.

This game got so much love from all over the world that it was played and liked the most in today’s time. why PUBG viral because it has chosen a new method and change the playing style.

All those who preordered the game received a gift inside the game which is a dress that costs $ 1000 in the game but preorders ones are received for free.

PUBG Game Today’s most popular game, you will find this game in almost everyone’s mobile. Children and young people like to play this game. You can play this game both on your mobile and computer. If you know or learned to play this game very well, then you can also earn a very good amount from this game.

Recently PUB G tournaments are happening, if you join the tournament and win, you can earn a very good amount. If we talk about the name of the biggest player of PUBG P.C, Shroud is if we talk about some of the biggest PUBG Mobile players in India, then Mortal, Rounak is 8bit players. And some of the biggest players in India who play Pubg Mobile on the emulator are the biggest names among them Dynamo, Kronton, Alpha, Carry Minati and many big players. You can also win big money by playing.

Hope it is good to read about this game about Fact and Success, comment below which Fact is the best and share this fact with your PUBG playing friend. Thank you for taking the time to know about PUBJ viral.

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