National Sports: Top 25 National Game List Of The Country

National Sports: Top 25 National Game List of The Country

National Sports: Top 25
National Sports: Top 25

Top 25 national game

Countries —– National sport

  • India — — Hockey

  • Sri Lanka —– Volleyball

  • Bangladesh —– Kabaddi

  • Pakistan —– Field Hockey

  • Japan —– Sumo Wrestling

  • Kazakhstan —– Football

  • Saudi Arab —– Football

  • Dubai —– Camel racing

  • Nepal —– Volleyball

  • South Africa —– Rugby

  • Australia —– Cricket

  • America —– Baseball

  • Canada —– Lacrosse (Summer)/ Ice Hockey(Winter)

  • Bahamas —– Sailing

  • Spain —– Bullfighter

  • Russia —– Bandy

  • Turkey —– Oil wrestling/Gresse wrestling

  • Afghanistan ——– Buzkashi

  • New Zealand —– Rugby

  • USA —– Baseball

  • Bhutan —– Archery

  • Iran —– Wrestling

  • England —– Cricket

  • Scotland ——– Golf

  • Malaysia —– Sepak Takraw

Why Sports are Important For Us:

National Sports Day is celebrated throughout India on August 29 of each year. This day marks the birthday of Dhyan Chand, a legendary hockey player who made the glory of the nation by winning three Olympic gold medals. This day highlights the need for sports and the development of children in aspects beyond the classroom.

According to recent research, 61% of Indian children in school do not have the skills to play sports. These skills include locomotive skills developed when performing and jumping, driving skills developed when throwing and catching, spatial awareness and coordination skills. It is only through continuous practice that fitness

The increase in the sport that, in turn, will develop skills.

We have put only important things which are very important if you think there are more or we have left something. So you are most welcome to share your views of this topic so that we can make it. 

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