Motivational Story of Time of Storm in English

Motivational Story of Time of Storm in English

It is highly recommended for you to read so that you can motivate yourself. Let’s begin “Motivational Story of Time of Storm in English. A long time ago, there used to be an honest businessman in a village, but due to a loss in business, he became very poor. The businessman’s wife was of an angry nature. She used to get entangled with the businessman all the time. One day he went to a landlord’s farm in connection with the business work. There the landlord gave him the task of cutting sugarcane. When the sugarcane was cut completely, the zamindar gave some sugarcane to the merchant in return for wages.

The businessman took a bundle of sugarcane and went towards his house. On the way, he got some children. Those children knew the simple nature of the businessman. They kept asking for sugarcane and the businessman distributed them one by one. On reaching home, the trader had only one cane left. Seeing only one cane in his hand, the husky nature of the businessman’s wife became even more fierce. When the businessman’s wife only asked for the reason for bringing sugarcane, the trader easily told the whole thing to his wife.

The quarrelsome and angry wife hit the cane on her back. At the same time, sugarcane broke into two pieces. On this, the businessman smiled and said, “Devi, you did a great job, which cut the sugarcane into two pieces, otherwise I was going to cut it into two pieces myself, take one of these two pieces and give the other one to me, God has given us a lot of food and should only share it.

Hearing this from her husband’s face, that quarrelsome wife melted like wax and she regretted her actions. Asu got into her eyes and she said, “Truly, you are more than the deity, I could not understand your great thoughts till date, in fact, you are the ocean of mercy”.

The businessman said to his wife, “In this journey of life, money is like a sunken shade, I will do business again and soon I will earn good wealth too.” A few days later, the childhood friend of the businessman came to him and said, “I want to do common business with you. You don’t worry about money, capital is mine and labor is yours, I believe in your honesty, we will get good success in business.” “|

Together, they both shared business and one day they made a good profit in the business. According to his promise, the friend gave half of the profits to the businessman and thus the pauper merchant again became a millionaire. From this story, we get two teachings, “One should never lose control in trouble” and second “Time’s storm can change its attitude at any time”.


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