MDH Spices Success Story Dharam Pal Gulati Biography

MDH Spices Success Story Dharam Pal Gulati Biography

The journey from fifth failed tanga to MDH spices Dharmapal Gulati success story

MDH Spices Success Story

It is not a common thing to become a despot of any world. There is a lot of hard work, tough struggle and bad experience behind it, and when it comes to kitchens around the world, it becomes even more difficult to maintain that sovereignty. A company formed 68 years ago takes care of our food tastes. This company produces more than 60 types of spices and exports them to many countries of the world. Now you must have understood that we are talking about the MDH company, whose owner Mahas Dharmapala Gulati / Dharmapal Gulati is called the uncrowned king of the spices world.

Hardly you have not tasted the spices made by them while living in India. Knowingly, the spices of Dharmapal G must have been used in your food. But to reach here, it took Mr. Dharmapal for whole life, not years. Let us know a little more about his interesting and spicy life.

MDH Spices Success Story

Mahashay Dharmapala Gulati G was born on 27 March 1923 in Sialkot. Sialkot is now in Pakistan. His family was a very normal family. Father’s name was Mahasani Chunnilal and his mother’s name was Chanan Devi, after whom Chanan Devi Hospital is also located in Janakpuri, Delhi. Mr. Dharampal’s studies – There was no mind in writing, while his father wanted him to study a lot.

But his father had understood that Mr. Dharmapala does not have the mind to study anymore as soon as he passed the fourth grade and in the fifth, he failed and left school. After this, his father hired him to work at a carpenter’s shop. But
Mr. Dharampal did not feel like it and he did not even learn that work. He had done 50 works in his life of 15 years. In those days Sialkot was known for the red chili market, so his father opened a spice shop to him. Slowly the work got better and started going well, but by then India had come close to the fight for independence and the partition of India and Pakistan became a big problem for them.

After the freedom struggle, Sialkot went to Pakistan and it became difficult for Mr. Dharmapala’s family to stay there. Therefore, he left everything and started living with one of his relatives in Karol Bagh, Delhi. Leaving his home bar and employment and coming to Delhi, he had 1500 rupees in his pocket. Due to no employment in Delhi, he bought a Tanga in some way and he started to run, however, he did not mind it and after 2 months of running the Tanga, he also left.

Now Mr. Dharampal once again became unemployed. In the meantime, he thought of making spices in which he felt like and he thought of doing his work. He would buy dried spices from outside, grind them at home and sell them in the market. Slowly the work started growing. Because their honesty kept the quality of the spices. Now it became difficult to do the work of grinding the spices at home, then they started to get spices from the market, but the spice mills started mixing in their spices, which made Mr. Dharmapal very sad. Now he thought of setting up a spice grinding factory himself and started his first spice factory in Kirtinagar, Delhi. After that, he did not look back. And MDH became a brand and Mr. Dharampal is his identity today

Today, in the kitchen, we feel the fragrance of Mr. Dharampal and know about the taste of spices made by him, knowing his life, it seems that with determination and hard work, a man can do anything.

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