Mahadev Himself Taken Devotee Narsi Mehta Baikunth

Mahadev Himself Taken Devotee Narsi Mehta Baikunth

The land of India has been the mother of many saints. Born in many saints in every province of India. Among such saints, a saint Narsi Mehta Narsi Mehta was born in a Nagar Brahmin family of Bad Nagar caste in a town called Junagadh near Girparwat in Gujarat province. His father’s name was Krishnadas and his mother’s name was Dayakunwar. Narsi Mehta had become a resident of Narsi in his childhood. He lived in the ashram of his brother Bhavan. Due to the unfavorable nature of his sister-in-law, he used to live unmoved.

Mahadev’ power

One day, after leaving the house of a narcissistic sister-in-law, she went to the forest towards Gir mountain. On the way, one Apuj reached the pagoda. Many nights and days of worship meditation went on. After seven days, Lord Shankar appeared pleased and appeared. Lord Shankar asked him to ask for some boon. Narsi expressed the desire to see Lord Vishnu by not asking for pleasures. Shankar was overjoyed to hear this. Mahadev himself caught him by hand and took him to Baikunth.

Seeing Krishna’s Brasilia there, his heart became full. Shankar Ji gave up his ethos and inspired him to get absorbed in Bhagwat devotion because it is easy to cross Bhavsagar with devotion. In a moment, all this devotional dream became invisible. Lord Shankar disappeared. The thrill of devotion spread in Rome to Narsi. Bhaktipad springs from the mouth. Now Narsi became Krishnopasak. After returning home, falling at the feet of sister-in-law, she considered her sister-in-law that she was interviewed by God because of her. In this way, the unemployed Narsee who wandered here and there a few days ago had spent the night in the color of devotion. In his speech, the holy flow of Saraswati started flowing.

Mahadev is the great

Now his work of devotion has become. Wife Manek Bai was a very sage at home. Due to this, the devotion of Narsi became rich without stopping. In his courtyard, he began to raise basil plant, the monk kept collecting the group of Vairagi. With devotional instruments like Kartal, Mridang, and Shankha, he kept playing Bhajan Kirtan in his courtyard day and night. In spite of having no occupation for livelihood, God continued to pursue his life in trust and happiness. Unbroken Shradha was the main mantra of his devotion in God.

Once, people of Narsi Mehta’s caste of Narsi Mehta ate with him that you should pay obeisance to your father and feed everyone. Narsi Ji remembered Lord Shri Krishna and upon seeing this, the whole system was done. On the day of Shradh, some ghee decreased and Narsi Ji took the utensil to bring ghee from the market. On the way, he saw a saint congregation performing the Bhagavannam. Narsi Ji also joined him. They became so engrossed in the kirtan that they were not able to take ghee.

Mahadev follwer

His wife was anxiously waiting for him at home. Bhakwatsl Lord Krishna disguised himself as a narcissist and reached her home with ghee. The work of Brahmin food was completed smoothly. A lot of nights had passed when the kirtan was over. Narsi JI reached home with ghee and started apologizing to the wife for the delay. His wife said, “Swami! What is the matter of apologizing in this? You have already put ghee in it and fed it to the Brahmins. ”

Narsi ji said, “Lucky! You are blessed. He was not me, Lord Krishna was there. You have seen God. I was doing kirtan in the circle of saints. When the kirtan stopped, I remembered to bring ghee and brought it. Hearing this, the wife of Narasi ji drowned in an ocean of wonder. He became the father of two children. Son Samala Das and daughter Kunwar Bai | The children were married in a good family, but in a few days, the son and wife became deceased. The homeworld was plundered, yet Narsi deemed it suitable for devotion and became mournful for a few days. He only assumed that this world was missed, which would lead to devotion to Shri Gopal.

Narsi Mehta is associated with many miracles in Narsi’s life. Once the citizens sent some pilgrims to Narsi’s house to insult Narasi Ji and asked them to write a bill on any Seth of Dwarka. Even after Narsi, there is no identification, Shamshala Seth wrote a letter on the name. God himself came in the form of Shambhala and accepted the bill and kept the talk of Narsi.

Mahadev is the greatest in the world

Daughter Kunwar Bai had a mangal incident here. Narsi did not even have a single penny but, trusting in God, he went to the daughter-in-law’s house with the sadhu saints for mridanga, conch and Kartal empty-handed. Seeing Narsi in such disguise, Kunwar Bai’s in-laws started laughing at her. He gave warm water for bathing while mocking the devotion of Narsi and said that if your devotion were true, water would pour from the sky. Narsi Mehta Narsi teases raga malhar with Kartal in her hand. In a moment black clouds started rising in the sky and it rained. Seeing this, everyone was stunned. According to the saint tradition, Narasi Bhagat had to offer food in a yagna. They had nothing. He called Jagat Palak Lord Vishnu. In a while, Lord Krishna and Mahalakshmi appeared themselves and then feasted that people kept watching.

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