Jeff Bezos Complete Biography In 24 Steps 100%

Jeff Bezos Complete Biography In 24 Steps 100%

Zeff Bezos

1 Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos surpassed Bill Gates to become the richest person in the world with a net worth of $ 90 billion. Amazon sells a product worth $ 136 billion a year.

2 Bezos was competent as a child. He dismounted his crib so he could sleep in a normal bed.

3 At the age of 4, his mother asks his father to leave the family. Years later, a writer interviewed Bezos’s father and did not know that his son was the founder of Amazon.

When I was a child, I wanted to be an entrepreneur in space and told his teachers: “The future of humanity is not on this planet.” He now owns a space exploration company called Blue Origin.

5 One summer, Bezos worked for McDonald’s and found the job miserable. Then he founded Dream Institute, a summer camp for 10-day children at a cost of $ 600. The “Lord of the Rings” series should be read for the camp.

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6 Bezos attended Princeton College and studied computer science.

7 Bezos was a big fan of Star Trek and even considered calling Amazon Under Construction a line from Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

8 Bezos participated in dance classes to develop what he called his “feminine flow”. Bezos thought analytically about women, just as Wall Streeters tries to increase its transaction flow and make a profit.

9 He married MacKenzie Tuttle, D.E. Shaw Research Associate, in 1993.

Jeff Bezos Complete Biography

10 In 1994, Bezos read that the Internet had grown by 2,300% in one year. Bezos decided to take advantage of this situation and developed a list of 20 products that he could sell online and decided to buy books.

11 Bezos decided to quit his job at Hedge Fund to launch Amazon. He flew with his wife to Texas to pick up a car and went to Seattle to start the company. While driving, it is said that he took orders.

12 Bezos began buying online electronics, clothing, computers, books, DVDs and more in a light bulb garage and organized corporate information sessions at Barnes & Noble, across the street.

13 In the early days of Amazon, every time someone bought something, a bell rang in the office, but it stopped quickly as the company made more and more sales and the bell became a distraction.

14 Jeff Bezos was a demanding boss who sometimes attacked his employees. He seems to have hired a mentor to guide him.

15 Amazon is known for its thrifty corporate culture that offers no outstanding benefits to its employees.

Zeff Bezos career
Jeff Bezos Complete Biography In 24 Steps 100%

16 Bezos banned PowerPoint presentations at his company and preferred that his employees submit proposals in the form of documents created with simple chips.

17 Bezos was one of the first investors in Google. His actions would be worth $ 2.2 million today. It is not clear if he sold shares after the publication of the company.

18 Bezos owns a 5.35-acre property on Lake Washington in Seattle and a seven-room, $ 24.5 million mansions with a greenhouse, tennis, a swimming pool, and a guest house. He also bought the Textile Museum, some villas in Washington, D.C., Kalorama, and owns three apartments in the Century Tower in New York.

19 Bezos is one of the founders of The Clock Of The Long Now, an underground clock designed to last 10,000 years. I would have donated more than $ 40 million to the project.

Jeff Bezos Complete Biography

20 In August 2013, Bezos bought the Washington Post for $ 250 million.

21 The Blue Origin space company made history when it was one of the first commercial companies to successfully launch a reusable rocket last year.

22 Bezos is very interested in flying, and in 2003, he almost died in a helicopter crash in Texas while searching for a place for Blue Origin.

23 In early 2016, a Washington Post journalist was arrested in Iran. Therefore, Bezos flew with his private plane to Germany to take the reporter and take him home.

24 Twenty-four years after its IPO, Amazon has a total value of $ 501.5 billion and is expected to become the first company of $ 1 billion.

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