11 Interesting Things About John Cena

Interesting Things About John Cena

Interesting Things About John Cena

Friends, you must have heard the name of WWE and would have also known about it. 11 Interesting Things About John Cena  that you will remember forever
This is a game in which there is a fight between wrestlers, today we will learn some interesting things about John Cena, one of the same wrestlers.
By the way, most of you must have heard the name of John Cena, it is a very well known wrestler of WWE, so now I will tell you some interesting things about him.

1. John Cena Left Handed: –

1 out of every 9 people in America is left-handed, and you will be surprised to know that John Cena is also left-handed.
Often you will see that John Cena holds the mike with his left hand and also autographs with his left hand which is an interesting thing.

2. John Cena Launched Rape Album: –

You might not know that John Cena had launched a rape album many years ago called YOU CAN SEE ME.
Do you know that his theme song is from this album?
You will also be surprised to know that when this album came out, it had reached number 15 on the Billboard 200 and it sold over 1 lakh copies in its first week itself.
After these two more songs were composed, the first one was BAD BATMAN and the second was RIGHT NOW.

3. The ancestor of John Cena: –

You’d be surprised to know that John Cena’s ancestors were Italian as well as the father of the French Canadian, John Cena, who’s name is John Cena Sr. His ancestors were Italian and his mother’s ancestors were French Canadians.
So you can say that John Cena’s ancestor is Italian and French Canadian.

4. John Cena Body Building: –

John Cena’s body is quite good and maybe even after all he does such a great job in the gym, but do you know that John Cena wanted to become a bodybuilder before coming to WWE and he also tried his hand in bodybuilding but Say bad luck or something, he could not perform well in this and then he came in WWE and became very big WWE star.

5. Fruity Pebbles: –

THE ROCK once said that John Cena likes only children, only children like him.
That is why the rock named John Cena as Fruity Pebbles, which combined his name with the serial food that children eat in America.
And since then people have also known him as Fruity Pebbles.

6. Local Codes: –

You will often see John Cena wearing T-shirts that say Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, it is John Cena’s Moral Codes.
Hustle in this means do your work and do so in a way that others cannot.
Loyalty means that if you are honest with you, then also be honest with him.
Respect means that anyone who is your friend or enemy, you should show respect and respect towards him.

7. Good humans: –

John Cena is a good wrestler as well as a very good person, he was the first celebrity who completed 500 Wish in Grant of Wish.
He fulfills the wishes of the people and helps the handicapped.
He goes to such people, gives them autographs and spends time with them, he has also done a lot of work for charity and has helped such people.

8.John Cena Worked In Film: –

John Cena has worked in films along with Wrestling.
The names of his films are The Marine which came in 2006, 12 rounds which came in 2009, Legendary which came in 2010 and Fred which came in 2010.

9.Muscles car: –

John Cena is very fond of collecting muscle cars, it would not be surprising if he gets retired and is seen driving a muscle car in West Florida.

10.Prototype: –

John Cena used to wrestle in WWE even before he became famous in WWE and then his name was Prototype.
As you all know that every wrestler in WWE has a character, similarly John Cena also had a half-human and half a robot character.
After that, when he defeated Kuratangal, since then he has come in the eyes of Venus Mikmen and has become so famous again.

11. The wedding of John Cena: –

John Cena was married to his classmate Elizabeth in 2009, but sadly, he was divorced in 2012 and there was a lot of public outrage.
Everyone wanted to know why this happened, then John Cena replied that our marriage did not work and now we do not want to live together.

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