Football History And Information

Football History and Information


Interesting football history and information

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Interesting information about football

Football history Today we will discuss the history of football games. Football is the most popular sport in the world and is played by every country in the world. It is a game of discipline and fitness. The FIFA World Cup of this game is held every 4 years.

Countries like Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain come to the major countries playing this game. This game is very popular in India but not as much as cricket. The game has great craze in the states of West Bengal and North East of India.

History of football

football history

There are different opinions about the origin of the term football Football, according to some, the ball is hit with a foot, hence the name of the game was football. They are considered to be the start of the football game in China. According to FIFA, the game of football is a developed form of Chinese sports. The game was also played in Japan by the name of Camry. The game, called football, was played in Scotland in the 15th century.

Prince Henry IV of Britain used the word football in 1409 AD in English. On 21 May 1904, seven major countries of Europe formed FIFA to oversee the game. Among these seven countries were Belgium, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain. The first president of this institution was Robert Gurin.

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Currently, football is played all over the world. The World Cup of this game is also held every 4 years. Many clubs of this sport are established in Europe and America, whose tournaments are held like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United.

There have been many such great players in the history of football who have made people crazy about this game with the magic of their game. These include players like Pelé, Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldo, Massey.
History of Indian football
The history of this game in India is very interesting. As such, cricket is more popular in India but football is played more in some states of India like West Bengal and Northeast. India has been a colony of Britain, so UK sports were also recognized in India. Football was played to entertain British soldiers.

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Nagendra Prasad Adhikari was the man who was responsible for popularizing football in India. He is also called the father of Indian football. This game was started on the school grounds and after that Nagendra Prasad Ji started the game in many more schools. Nagendra JI also formed the Boys Club and by 1880 many football clubs were formed in Kolkata which was formed by Nagendra Prasad Ji.

He then formed a club called Sowabazar and the first member of this club was named Moni Das, who had also been the captain of Mohun Bagan. India had also qualified for the World Cup in 1950, but the Indian team did not have the money to go to the World Cup and India preferred the Olympics instead of the World Cup, so India could not play the FIFA World Cup.

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In the 1956 and 1958 Olympics, the Indian team held the number 4 position and this Era is called the Golden Era of Indian football. Football had become very popular in India during this time. Football’s popularity declined after winning the Cricket World Cup in 1983 in India. Cricket became popular as far as India’s Galli neighborhood. Currently, football has become something popular and people have aroused interest in football.

Interesting facts about football

1. The game consists of 2 teams and two goalposts. The objective of each team is to send the football to the goal post of the opposing team. Each team consists of eleven players.

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2. This game is a full 90 minutes with two 45 minute breaks.

3. The team that scores the most goals in this game wins.

4. You might not know that 80 percent of the world’s football is manufactured in Pakistan. So far, 20 FIFA World Cups have been held.

5. The first World Cup was played in 1930, which was won by Uruguay.

6. Brazil has won this title the most 5 times. Pelé’s name comes at the top of Brazil’s greatest players. Brazil is the only team to play all World Cups so far.

7. Italy and Germany have won this World Cup 4-4 times. Argentina and Uruguay have won this trophy 2-2 times. Britain, Spain, and France have won this trophy 1–1 time.

8. 32 teams participate in World Cup but 211 countries play football all over the world.

9. Out of these, 32 teams have to qualify for the World Cup. The country that hosts the World Cup qualifies as an Already.

10. Football World Cup is seen by more than 100 crore people.

11. During the match, 1 player runs about 15 km.

12. The record of highest goals in FIFA World Cup is for Germany’s Miroslav Klose, he scored 16 goals.

13. FIFA World Cup’s most successful player has been the great Brazilian footballer Pelé, Brazil has won three World Cups.

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