Identify Your Talent In You – Best Inspirational Story-2019

Identify Your Talent In You – Best Inspirational Story-2019

Identify Your Talent
Identify Your Talent

Once upon a time, there used to be two close friends in a village. One of his friends was physically weak. People used to make fun of him. So he was afraid to do everything. On the other hand, his friend was strong. Everyone used to praise him. One day the two friends went out for a walk away from the village. A deep river was passing nearby. It had more than one dangerous animal, including crocodiles, snakes, gongs, etc. Suddenly his friend’s leg slipped and he slipped into that deep river. The water was so deep that it was not even swimming. Everybody was looking towards the river but nobody was daring to cross it and save his drowning friend… but then the sound comes from the splash and his friend jumps into it. He does not know how to swim. All the people are surprised to see this bravery. People are not sure that anyone can do this; In all these years, no one dared to cross that river and even touch its water. Avoiding crocodiles, he rescues his friend and crosses the river.

The message of the story

The ability or talent is hidden inside every human being. But often due to lack of proper environment, it gets buried within us. There are many people around us, who do not have the capacity to let any other person overtake them, or become famous. They want those other people to always remain unhappy, backward, buried and poor. Therefore, they deliberately demotivate others and laugh at them. Because of this, the self-confidence of many people keeps decreasing and they feel that they cannot do anything big. Many talents are hidden inside us, unless we dare to take confidence (self-confidence) and risk (risk), till then we give up without being bumped into many such challenges (chooses) of life and without facing it. Let’s decide that we cannot do this work.
We need to believe in our talent and take advantage of opportunities in life. Do not use the word impossible, impossible or difficult for him without doing anything.

Always remember one thing to motivate people as much as possible. If you see any talent inside anyone, then tell him to that person so that he can refine it and use it properly. When you motivate someone and it becomes something, then he will surely remember you because if you were not there, he would not recognize his ability.


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