Google’s CEO Biography A Complete Story Of Journey

Google’s CEO Biography A Complete Story Of Journey

Google's CEO Biography
Google’s CEO Biography

Short bio

  • Name: – Sunder Pichai (Sundar Pichai)
  • Full Name: – Pichai Sundarajan (Pichai Sundarajan)
  • Birth: – 12 July 1972
  • Location: – Chennai (Chennai)
  • Annual Income: – 310 crores
  • Father’s Name: – Raghunath Pichai (Raghunath Pichai)

Study of Sunder Pichai
Sunder Pichai was intelligent in his studies from the beginning and was also interested in cricket and was the captain of his school’s cricket team. And he also won several medals as one of his cricketers, seeing that Pichai’s parents came to know that their son will grow up to brighten his name.

Google's CEO Biography
Google’s CEO Biography

Pichai’s initial studies were from Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan. He received an engineering degree from IIT Kharagpur. And after obtaining an engineering degree, Pichai went to Stanford University and thereafter consulting his mentors, he got a Ph.D. in a science subject and he did not stop because he had an MBA in mind from the beginning and that’s why Pichai got an MBA at the University of Pennsylvania. He obtained his degree after completing his studies.

Sunder Pichai’s life before joining Google
Pichai’s life before joining Google was very sad and turbulent. He received many offers for higher studies but Pichai did not accept him and turned down.

With this, Pichai received offers from many big companies such as – Engineer, Applied Manager at Stanford, Semiconductor Maker Job in Siliconveli. All these job offers came but Pichai turned down all these job offers, maybe it could also be the reason that Pichai already knew that his job could take a good place and Pichai was confident that he Jobs will be found in many good places and did not want to destroy their dreams by getting stuck in these small jobs.

Google CEO Biography
Google’s CEO Biography

And finally, Pichai’s hard work paid off and he got a job offer from Google saying that “the fruit of hard work is sweet” and Pichai got the fruits of his hard work and Pichai joined that offer This is how Pichai’s journey with Google started.

After joining Google
After completing his studies, Pichai joined Google in 2004 as a team member of the search toolbar. Seeing their ability to work, Google officials were very impressed and at Pichai’s suggestion, Google started its own browser which is very popular today and the name of that browser is Google Chrome. And Pichai has a very important role in making this browser, Google chrome browser has been created under Pichai’s care. Google chrome was launched under Pichai’s complete dedication and direction. Simultaneously, Google brought out its own Android App (Google play store) and in this also Pichai made his full contribution and took command from another and gave his full contribution and completed this app and it was launched Pichai has also contributed fully to this app.

Seeing Pichai’s ability and efficiency, Google’s Owner Leary page made Pichai in charge of all of Google’s big products on August 10, 2015, in which Google’s biggest product is Google’s search engine. And along with this, many more main products like Google Maps, Google+, Google commerce, Google advertisement are also included. Except for YouTube, all other big products are in charge. Pichai handled his work with all his sincerity and dedication and successfully dealt with all these tasks and whatever Pichai is today, he himself today with his own dedication and dedication to his work has made the position of Google’s first CEO in Pichai India. But it is an important success.

And along with this, Pichai is the name in the list of people of Indian origin who are at the top of international companies with a turnover of 400 billion dollars, mainly Satya Nadella of Microsoft, Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo, Shantanu Narayan of Adobe, MasterCard. Many names like Ajay Banga are already included and now another name has been added which is Sunder Pichai who is the first CEO of Google of India and Sunder Pichai himself has reached this point with his hard work and dedication.

From this, it is decided that Sunder Pichai has come forward as a new role model for the Indians and it seems that Sunder Pichai will continue to act as inspiration for Indians in the coming days or months.

Google’s CEO Biography

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