Football History Facts Mystery And Many More

Football history, facts, mystery

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History of football
Football history, facts, mystery
mysterious facts
  • Ancient Chinese sport which was known as “Chuju” now is well famous for football.
  • First broadcasting on TV football game was played between Arsenal and Arsenal reserve in 1937.
  • During world war 2nd all football matches were known as “The deathmatch”. Which was controlled by Germany?
  • Rafferty took only one decision 13th May 1967 and it took the form of the fight and more than 300 people died.
  • In a match 1 team with 11 players died by thundering 1948 whereas other teams player no one died.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the first player who goals in each minute in each match.
  • Oliver Kahn golden is the only Goalkeeper person who won the world match in 2002.
  • Pele is the person who won the world cup match in 17th age which is very small till now.
  • Denajooff is the person who won the world cup match in the 40th age which very high till now.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo the biggest champion of Football in the present.

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