DM Somnath Biography “A Story Of Life in 2020”

DM Somnath Biography In 2020

Introduction of DM Somnath

[DM Somnath                          DM Somnath

DM Somnath (Know as “Somnath”) born on 26 November 2000 in the capital of India, DM Somnath is the short name of Digital Marketer Somnath, the nickname is Shivam Kumar.

 He born in a middle-class family and started walking, talking, running, eating, very early, but in childhood, he didn’t live with so many people. In childhood, he was not so brave children usually tease him on the way and he could not do anything with him at the age of 10-12 years.

 He used to live with his mother and father, his mother loves him so much. His nickname is Shivam Kumar, actually, this is not his nickname it was his real name. Due to a person who made Biodata of “Date of Birth” write the wrong name, family was not so much educated and did not aware of his name, but when he went government school for admission then a teacher named Pankaj Kumar who was admitting see the “Date of Birth” and said Shivam Kumar is not written in Date Of Birth.

Shamina has been written in his “Date of Birth” that was his name of the girl but due to the wrong name was changed and replaced “Somnath” as the name was changed he really becomes powerful, intelligent, courageous, a good speaker.

DM Somnath Story of 2 Years

Once when Somnath was 2 years old when his father was going somewhere he also started to follow his father, his father speed was fast but he could not follow his father completely and decided to come back at home but when he decided it was too late he forgot his way and started to cry because in this age he had not courage.

 When his mother was shouting outside with the name of “Shivam…” but Shivam was not there. His mother started crying and began to find Somnath. Finally, a person in his neighbourhood came there and said that Somnath is crying at the shop of Raju’s tailer Shop. His mother ran and reached that shop, see to Somnath feel happy shouted at Somnath and said why did you come here? How did you come here?, catch Somnath in his lap and return at home from the Raju’s tailor Shop.

Somnath Education

He passed his 10th and 12th CBSE, from Government Sarvodaya Bal Vidhyaly Khajoori Khas, Delhi-90. He is smart in all the Subject Science, English, Hindi, Mathematics, SST and others. His physical is also fine. Now he is studying in B.Com(P)
from DU SOL(School Of Open Learning). He started his education with a nursery class form Bharat Modern Public School.

 When he was in the nursery he was one of such people who usually got the first position in the class. In LKG he also got the first position in his class. His neighborhood’s children usually went to the Government School. Due to most of the children going to the government school, he was admitted by his family in the 1st class in the “Primary Nagar Nigam Bal Balika Khjoori Khas Delhi-94”.

Somnath School Life At An Early Age

Somnath has decided that I will have to get the best marks in the class. In a government school, he had both types of friends bad and good both. Somnath had very good skills to learn anything whether it is bad or good. As he learned gambling, fighting, stealing, but Somnath has full control over himself. 

He had decided to left bad combination and easily he left that company. He had the power to stop himself from becoming like bad friends. Finally, Somnath passed his fifth class and took admission in sixth class in “Government Sarvodaya Bal Vidhyaly Khajoori Khas, Delhi-90”.

In sixth class, Somnath’s studies level totally changed now his subject level added on in his syllabus. But Somnath has a lot of courage, gradually he began to become totally different from his childhood, his courageous, intelligent, powerful, and skills, etc started to increase fastly.

Somnath had more friends in school life not for his money but for his intelligence. Somnath developed himself in other sectors also like communication skills, technical skills, and practical skills, trigonometric is the favorite chapter of Somnath in Mathematics. In the 9th class, he joined Vestige where he first time thought that dream plays an important role in human life.

“Dream is a powerful method to achieve difficult goals, but you have to decide how you dream depending on your goals in your dream”.

-By DM Somnath

DM Somnath A Small Life in Vestige(MLM)

Once Somnath was sitting outside under the sun, then a person came there named Amit Rastogi who was a relation of Sumit Rastogi. He said to Somnath that what are you doing? and what you want to do in your life. Somnath was in 9th class and don’t know about his-self. He was only 16th years old. Then Amit said to come with me to a Seminar of Vestige I will show you how you can big your dream and achieve it that dream successfully. That Seminar was all about Network Marketing.

Somnath went to Vestige’s Seminar and they show him a plan which was affected him so much. Somnath started to show the plan and many of them usually spread negativity about him. But he ignored everybody who refused him to do network marketing, he believes himself but once his leader came and said to him that our upline cheated with us.

It was a very dangerous moment for Somnath. Due to bad leaders, not supporters, bad companions around him, and tenth education. Somnath left Vestige but he really loved this industry. In tenth class, he decided to learn communication skills joined FEA to learn to speak in English, Reading in English, Talking in English and other important things which are important for.

DM Somnath Learn in F.E.A.

Somnath joined FEA on 26 September 2017 in Sonia vihar the name of the teacher was Neha Prasad. He usually goes to FEA with his friend. When he went there the first time with the fear in his heart of that how will he sit in that environment because in that time he had not so much confidence but he made his self powerful that was the first class and it was a singing class in FEA. 

When Somnath thought that how they teach, he asked someone else so he told Somnath that this class happens in two months. Somnath said, “oh I see”. Gradually he made his habit to go there where he learned many special skills. This was a course which is divided into the 5th stage, each student has to clear each step to go in the next stage. Somnath was very intelligent and clever never feel defeat each stage complete with high marks and achieve many respects from there create a friendly environment there.

DM Somnath – New Kick in Life

In the 2nd stage, this was a serious moment when Somnath is going to quit the FEA. This is because of the condition of his family and low motivation, but meanwhile, he saw a girl named Suruchi Kumari Roy. Suruchi affects her so much and really bought a change in her life. 

She is full of attitude didn’t listen to anybody. But one of the most important things is that she is friendly to nature, keeps everyone happy, complete his work on time, try to do something new, active in each work. These all the things impact Somnat’s life and provide him energy in his life and she worked like a fuel that provides speed in Somnath’s life.

Gradually Somnath completed the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th stages in FEA with great marks and created a friendly environment in the FEA. Somnath always remembers her and tries to keep her happy when he listens that her mother died when she was younger. She has a step-mother.

Somnath says,

If you love someone with heart, she/he does will also love you”.

High School

When Somnath was in the 3rd Stage he admitted in 11th class and this was his commerce side and he thought to get 98.75 marks in twelfth class. It was really difficult to get 98.75 marks but Somnath has unlimited courage and said it is possible not only says but also starting to prepare for it.

 He passed 11th class with the first position and in this time he completed FEA also. This was a very sad moment for him, try to forget her for the 12th class and focused on his studies. In Summer Vacation, he saw a plane of a network marketing company named Safe Shop which really affect Somnath’s studies. Somnath planed and joined many people in Safe Shop, he had full confidence over his upline that they will not be like those uplines who was in Vestige. 

Gradually Somnath was the favorite student of his class teacher. Somnath has courageous to achieve anything. During this time he chose his guru Dr. Vivek Bindra who is the International Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant, and Business Coach. Somnath started to become like a speaker Mr. Dr. Vivek Bindra.

Started Career in Latest Sector

After completing 12th exam with 87.8 marks, Somnath with his Friend Arun Kumar decided to do something new for this purpose Somnath started researching, finally, he researched and find out that Digital Marketing is the great way to be a successful person. 

If we count the world’s top 10 richest people they all come under Digital Marketing Sector. Due to becoming a perfect Digital Marketer, he joined a Digital Marketing institute named DIDM in Preet vihar.

Very soon he learned and completed it very soon. He had completed this course and created owned site which is based on Somnath personal experience. Somnath is regularly making his self better than the previous day and try to do something new each day.D


Golden Opportunity

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