Biography of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Biography of Shri Guru Nanak

Biography of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji


Name – Nanak
Famous Name – Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Birth -Guru Nanak birthplace April 15, 1469, in village Talwandi, Sheikhupura District (which is in Nankana Sahib, Punjab, Pakistan to this day), Celebrated as Guru Nanak Jayanti
Death – 22 September 1539 Kartarpur, Mughal Empire, Pakistan
Great work – Promoted knowledge of communal unity, peace, harmony and laid the foundation of the Sikh community across the globe.

Biography of Guru Nanak dev Ji
Gurus of Sikh Early life

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born on 15 April 1469 in village Talwandi, Sheikhupura District, 65KM west of Lahore Pakistan. His father Baba Kaluchandra Bedi and mother Tripata named him Nanak. His father was an officer of the local revenue administration in the village.

During his childhood, Shri Guru Nanak taught many regional languages like Persian and Arabic. They were married in the year 1487 and also had two sons, one in the year 1491 and the other in 1496.

In the year 1485, at the behest of his brother and sister-in-law, he took an appointment as an officer in the store of Daulat Khan Lodhi, who was the ruler of Muslims in Sultanpur. At the same time, he met a Muslim poet named Mirasi.

In the year 1496, he made his first prediction – in which he said “there is no Hindu nor any Muslim” and said that this is an important declaration which is not only a declaration of brotherhood of man and fatherhood of God but also It is clear that man’s primary interest is not in any kind of spiritual doctrine, he is in man and his destiny. It means loving your neighbor as much as you do.

Story of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s mission

Guru Nanak started his mission by meeting with Mardana. Along with this message, he campaigned vigorously to help the weak. With this, he campaigned against caste discrimination, idol worship, and pseudo-religious beliefs.

He left his home to propagate his principles and rules and started living as a monk. He founded a new religion incorporating the ideas of both Hindu and Muslim religions which later became known as Sikhism.

To spread his knowledge in India, he visited many Hindu and Muslim religious places.

Once they were standing on the banks of the Ganges and they saw some people standing in the water and looking towards the sun and pouring water for their ancestors in their heaven. Guru Nanak also started pouring water with both his hands, but by standing in his state east towards Punjab. When people saw this and told about their mistake and asked why they were doing so, they replied – If the water of Ganga Mata can reach your ancestors in heaven, then why can’t my fields reach in Punjab because Punjab is heaven Is near

After sharing his knowledge all over India, he also traveled to Mecca Medina and the people there were very impressed with his thoughts and talk.

When Guru Nanak Ji was 12, his father gave him 20 rupees and asked him to start a business so that he could know something about the business. But Guru Nanak Ji spent that 20 rupees in feeding food for poor and saintly people. When his father asked him – what happened to your business? So he replied – I did a true business of that money.

The place where Guru Nanak had fed those poor and saintly people, a Gurudwara named Sacha Sauda has been built.

Finally, after his journey of 25 years, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji started living as a farmer in a village in Kartarpur, Punjab and later he died as well.12 years after the death of Guru Nanak ji Bhai Gurudas was born 12 years, joined the Sikh Mission since childhood.

He was elected the head of the Sikh Gurus. He built the Sikh community from place to place and organized a meeting for his meeting which is known as Dharamshala. In the present day Dharamshalas, the Sikh community provides food for poor people.

Some prominent gurudwara sahib associated with Sri Guru Nanak Ji


1. Gurudwara Kandha Sahib- Batala (Gurdaspur) – Guru Nanak was married to wife Sulakshana here on the 24th Jeth of Samvat 1544 at the age of 18. The festival is celebrated every year on the wedding anniversary of Guru Nanak.

2. Gurdwara Haat Sahib- Sultanpur Lodhi (Kapurthala) Gurunanak started the job of maintaining the royal store at the Nawab of Sultanpur through Bahnoi Jairam. He was made Modi here. The Nawab was greatly influenced by the young Nanak. It was from here that Nanak realized his destination through the word ‘Tera’.

3. Gurudwara Guru ka Bagh – Sultanpur Lodhi (Kapurthala) This was the home of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, where his two sons Baba Srichand and Baba Lakshmidas were born.

4. Gurdwara Kothi Sahib- Sultanpur Lodhi (Kapurthala) Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi sent Nanakdevji to jail in anticipation of foul play. But when the Nawab came to know about his mistake, he not only apologized except Nanak Devji but also proposed to make him Prime Minister.


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