Shivaji Maharaj- A complete biography each and everything

Shivaji Maharaj- A complete biography each and everything

Shivaji Maharaj

Shivaji was born on 10 April 1627 AD from the womb of Jijabai, the first wife of Shahji Bhonsle, in the fort of Shiver. Shiver’s fort was north of Poona near Junnar city. There is a difference of opinion among historians regarding their date of birth. Several birth dates have been mentioned of which 20 April 1627, 19 February 1630 and 9 March 1630 AD are particularly notable.

Shivaji’s Childhood

Shivaji Maharaj

childhood-Shivaji-and-Jijabai Shivaji’s childhood was neglected like that of Sher Shah and he was deprived of his father’s protection for many days due to his stepmother. Shahji Bhonsle was more enamored with his second wife, Tukabai Mohite, and Jijabai was leading a neglected and despised life. But Jijabai was an exceptionally talented woman born in a higher clan. Jijabai was of the Yadav dynasty and her father was a powerful feudal. She was of religious instinct. He told his son the saga of ideal men of Hinduism and inspired him to become great from childhood. In childhood, the mother worked as a cornerstone in the character-building of the son. Such mothers are rare.


Shivaji did not get regular education like Hyder Ali and Ranjit Singh. His mother used to live in a parental estate. Shahji Bhonsle appointed his trusted servant Dadaji Kondev as patron of Shivaji. Grandpa Kondev was a veteran. Seeing Shivaji’s talent, he verbally made him aware of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other religious texts. Along with mental development, Dadaji Konadev taught Shivaji the art of war. Shivaji also gained knowledge of administration from Grandpa Kondev. Therefore, in addition to Jijabai, Grandpa Kondev had the greatest impact on Shivaji’s life and character-building.

Character Development

Shivaji Maharaj2

Ramdas-Shivaji The teaching of Guru Ramdas was also influential in Shivaji’s character development. Ramdas was the spiritual pioneer of Shivaji. Ramdas had given a message to organize Marathas and protect Janani and Janmabhoomi. He ordered to protect Dharma, cow, and Brahmin. Inspired by the ideals of the mother, mentor, and guru, Shivaji gradually became a courageous and bold warrior. He started dreaming of building a nation in the name of protecting religion, earth, and cow. He had resolved to free the motherland from a foreign power. Rawlinson has written that “In place of mere desire for plunder, Shivaji lived his life with the aim of liberating the country from the tyranny of foreigners.”

Marriage of Shivaji Maharaj

shivaji_wife_nimbalkar Shivaji was married in 1641 AD to Saibai Nimbalkar in Bangalore. His mentor Dada Kondev was in favor of serving the traditional way instead of leading an uncertain life. But Shivaji’s independent nature is not retirement. He started plundering around Konkan from the age of 16. On receiving information about these events, Grandpa Kondev was very distressed and died in March 1647 AD. After the death of the guardian, Shivaji decided to set his own floor independently.

Evaluation of Shivaji Maharaj

There were some attractive elements in Shivaji’s personality and character that raised him above ordinary personality and placed him in the category of rare personality. In childhood, she had shown immense devotion to her mother by following the ideals she had been taught by her mother, to follow them literally in practical life. All the qualities of a successful and capable soldier and commander were present in Shivaji’s personality.

The death

Shivaji Maharaj1

Chhatrapati Shivaji died in 1680 AD. He left behind an empire that continued to struggle with the Mughals. Soon after his death, in 1681, Aurangzeb launched an aggressive military campaign to the south to capture the territories of the Marathas, Adil Shahi, and Golconda.

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