Best 10 Search Engine in the World, Web spider, Web crawler

Best 10 Search Engine in the World, Web spider, Web crawler

Search Engine also is known web crawler, web spider, Web directory

1.Google Search Engine: 

Google Internet service provider.

In our list of Top 10 Web crawler optimization in the world: Google Search Console and Google analytics are The part pf Google search Engine. Google is the biggest and best search engine in the world. It is already spread all over the world. Almost 82% spread all over the world. It is simple to say that Google has acquired 82% market all over the world. Google launched panda and penguin to secure their users. As per the data 92.62% market share as of June 2019, handling more than 5.4 billion carryings by Google. The provides all facility to there visitors so that feel happy with Google. Google has its bots named Google bots also called “spider”.

2, Bing Web crawler

Bing display program.

In our list of Top 10 search engine optimization in the world: Bing is also a search engine launched by Microsoft in 2009. You can say that BIng is a default search engine of Microsoft’s web browser. Bing always keeps trying to compete with google but it always gets fail. As we know the market share of Google is more than other search engines where Bing has low visitors than it. The bing has the second-largest visitors and it is well famous in the USA. There is a bing bot that helps a lot to the bing. 

3.Yahoo search engine: 

Yahoo Gateway

In our list of Top 10 search engine optimization in the world: Yahoo is the oldest one in the category of search engines. According to a report that Yahoo is going decreasing its position gradually. But yahoo is competing with bing. It is clear that Google has left them and bing and yahoo are competing with each other.  

4.Duckduckgo web spiders

Duckduckgo search Engine

Duckduckgo is the also most famous search engine and it is important because it protects the privacy of the users.  

5.Lycos: Search Engine

Lycos search Engine

It is also a kind of web crawler. It is special for some important parts such as email, web hosting, social networking, and entertainment websites. Well famous for their services. 

6.Yandex: Web crawler

Yandex Web Crawler

It is also the most popular in Russia. They do not use Google. They use Yandex as a Web Spider and work on it. It launched in 1997. It provides the best services such as Yandex maps, Yandex music, Yandex money, online translator and many more, 

Ask search Engine

It is the best search engine for getting the answer to your all questions. It provides the result of your problem which you want to get. It has many solutions to any question which comes in your mind. It is a kind of community for answers and questions where people find the answer in many ways. But it has not such visitors which you get on remain other search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo Bing, etc. 

8.AOL web spider is also the top Web crawler. This is helpful for sending CDs which you can load on your pc for installing the browser and modem software, The market share of it very down not even 1% also in the world. It is basically American Online which is based on New York, This company provides also advertising services in the form of AOL AdvertisingAOL mail, AOL platform. 


Baidu search Engine

It is also the most popular Web Crawler. This search engine is used in China widely. It founded in 2000  by a Chinese entrepreneur and now it used in china all over as we know that Google is not allowed in China. This is helpful for delivering the website, audio, images. It provides many more facilities such as maps, news, a cloud store, etc. 


10. Excite:

Exite search Engine

It is also the best Web crawler. It is not well famous but instead of it. It provides some online facilities such as email, search engine, news, instant messaging and weather updates. It, not the end with also it provides some other facilities such as latest trends, topics and search for phrases such as: What can President Trump actually do?  

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