Alibaba and Forty Thieves (Chor) Complete Story- Part-1

Alibaba and Forty Thieves (Chor) Complete Story – Part-1

Alibaba and Forty Thieves (Chor)
Alibaba and Forty Thieves (Chor)

There were two brothers named Ali Baba and Qasim in a Persian city. His father gave equal property to both brothers before he died, but Kasim took all property from Alibaba. Qasim bought a wine shop and house and married a widowed woman. Qasim grew wealthier by increasing his wealth. On the other hand, Ali Baba had already become poor due to property collapse by Qasim. He married a poor girl and went through a bad phase. He used to cut wood and sell them so that his family used to survive.

One day, he went to the forest to cut wood. Then he saw some horses from far away coming towards him. Although there was no danger of robbery, Ali Baba hid on a tree to protect himself. He sat on a tree in a place where no one could see him, but he could see everyone. The tree was near a rock. Then all the horses stopped coming near that rock. He saw that all the men were sitting on the horses carrying weapons and came there and got down from the horses. Alibaba counted those men, they were forty in total. They were all robbers and all their horses were loaded with stolen goods.

At that time, out of those looters, his chief stepped forward and came near the rock and said “Khul Ja Sim Sim”. Then one of the rocks opened and one by one all the robbers went inside. The door closed after he went inside. Alibaba was watching everyone sitting there on the tree, and after a while, all 40 robbers came out of that cave. After everyone came out, Sardar closed the door of the cave saying “Bandh ho JA sim-sim”. Now all the robbers went back by the way they came. Alibaba still sat for a while so that no one might come back again by mistake. After everything was calm, when he was convinced that no one could come back now, he went down from the tree to near that rock.

Alibaba and Forty Thieves (Chor)
Alibaba and Forty Thieves (Chor)

He went to the rock and started thinking that I would also try and see what the robbers were saying. Alibaba said “Khul Ja Sim Sim” and the door of that cave opened. Now he went inside the cave and that cave was a very big place. The doors of the cave were closed inside his cave. Inside the cave, everything was visible due to the light from the crack upwards. Now he started looking inside that cave and he started collecting in that cave with lots of diamonds, gems, gold, silver and precious stolen goods. It seemed that the looters had kept the looted goods here for a long time. He picked up as much gold, silver, and gems as he could carry.

Now he got out of the cave and closed the cave back with the same mantra. Now she reached home and closed the doors of her house and carefully kept all the bags. When his wife saw so much gold and Ashurfia, she started thinking that her husband must have stolen something but Ali Baba told the whole story to his wife. Now Alibaba said to his wife “I just dig a hole in which we bury all the gold gems and Ashurfis and till you bring the scales from my brother”. Now Alibaba’s wife immediately went to Kasim’s house and asked for scales from Kasim’s wife. Qasim’s wife was very clever and she wanted to see that she never weighed in so many years and what is she doing today, so she glued glue under the scales so that whatever you weigh will stick to this scales. |

Now Ali Baba’s wife came to his house and placed the scales on the sack of Ashrafis and put Ashrafia weighed. Usha Alibaba had dug up the pit and buried all those Ashrafis in that pit so that no one could know. Now she went to return the scales back to Qasim’s wife, but she was not aware of Ashrafi sleeping under the scales. She gave the scales to Qasim’s wife and returned home. Now when Qasim’s wife looked down at the scales, she found a gold Ashrafi. Now he started thinking that there must have been a treasure with Alibaba, which he was weighing those Asharfis. When Qasim came home, his wife told him everything.

As soon as Qasim heard the news, Ali reached Baba’s house the next day and said, “You are hiding something from me, you are so poor yet Ashrafiya was tolling”. Alibaba panics about how her brother came to know. Qasim showed his brother that Ashrafi and said, “How much Ashrafiya do you have, my wife, who had returned the scales, she came clinging under it, so now tell me that treasure or else I will call Kotwal”. Alibaba panics and becomes oblivious to the Asharfis. Now Qasim threatened to kill him and his wife and Alibaba had to tell the whole secret.

Now the next day Kasim took 10 mules to the place mentioned by Ali Baba alone and came out of the same cave and said “Khul Ja Sim Sim” and the door of the cave opened. Now seeing the diamond jewels and Ashurfis inside the cave, his eyes could not believe. He loaded all the material he could carry on the mules. When he came back to the door to go out, he started speaking another mantra in place of “Khul Ja Sim Sim” and the door did not open. He was trying to remember again and again but he could not remember. Now he was trapped inside that cave.

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