Alibaba and Forty Thieves A Full Complete Story – Part 3

Alibaba and Forty Thieves (Chor) Complete Story – Part-3

Alibaba and Forty Thieves
Alibaba and Forty Thieves


It is the third and lasts part of “Alibaba and Forty Thieves” classical story. Now all the remaining bandits came to the city and started moving towards Alibaba’s house. Now the dacoit chieftain went to Alibaba’s house and said to me “I have put all the jars in your stables, today I will be late to get back to my city and I don’t even know any inn here so tonight if you don’t have problems I can live here. Alibaba agreed and fed him as a guest. In the evening, he went to the stables with an excuse to go for a walk and warned all his companions that when he orders at night, he will attack. In this way, he went back to Alibaba’s house.

Now Marjina went to burn the lamp at night so she saw that the oil was gone. Alibaba asked her to bring some oil from the jar that was kept in the stables. Now Marjina went to the stables and as soon as she went to the jar, she heard a voice “Is the time to attack?” Marjane became very nervous and without saying anything she guessed the danger. Now she went to all the jars and said, “The time has not yet come to attack”, thus she realized that there is a bandit among all the people except one jar. He took the oil from the oil jar and returned home.

Alibaba and Forty Thieves
Alibaba and Forty Thieves


Now on coming home, he lit the light and heated the water in a big pot and added oil to it. Now he took that hot oil water and put it in every jar of the stables and closed the jar vigorously. In this way, all the bandits died. Now she came home and extinguished the light and went to sleep. Sardar saw that everyone was asleep now and that it was the right time to speak to their friends for the attack. Now he went to the stables and started saying, “The time has come to attack, but none of those people spoke”. Now he opened the jar and saw that all his companions were killed. He came to know that Alibaba must have made full arrangements to kill him too, so he ran away from home instead.

Unaware of the night’s incident, Alibaba woke up the next day. Marjane narrated the incident of the night to Alibaba and Alibaba was proud of her maid’s bravery. Alibaba freed him from slavery to save his life. Now, Alibaba pretended to sell the oil of all those men and took them out of the city and buried all the dead bodies.

Meanwhile, the dacoit chief went back to the cave and planned to take revenge on Alibaba. He cried for a long time at the death of his friends and slept that day. The next day I went back to the city with a new plan. He opened a new shop in front of Alibaba’s son’s shop and started the business of selling expensive things of his lifetime. This time he came in disguise and he named himself Kozia Hussain. Slowly Dheer befriended the merchants and the son of Alibaba in a few days. Hussein also made friends by giving gifts to Alibaba.

One day, Alibaba’s son called Hussain to eat at home. Hussain came to Alibaba’s house and asked him to cook food without salt. On hearing this, Marjina was a little suspicious that what kind of a person came who eats food without salt but without considering anything, she made it. When Marjane came to feed him, she recognized the dacoit chief because he had seen it three or three times. Now he planned another way to save his master’s life. She immediately went inside and became a dancer. He told all of Alibaba’s son and both came together to dance.

Alibaba and Forty Thieves
Alibaba and Forty Thieves

Now Hussein stopped to watch their dance and started looking for a chance to kill Alibaba. Marjane had hidden a dagger in her clothes. While dancing, she came to Hussain and snatched a line in his scene. At the same time, the dacoit leader died. Alibaba was shocked to see that he killed his guest. But Marjane told all the truth of Hussain that he had come to kill him. I recognized it at the same time when it was forbidden for salt, because the last time when he came as a merchant, he had refused for salt, on the basis of this doubt I recognized him.

Marjane saved Alibaba’s life for the second time, so he thanked Marjina very much. Alibaba freed him completely and married his son to him. Alibaba’s son also loved her earlier, so he agreed. He secretly buried Hussain’s body so that no one could know. Now he did not go to that cave for several days because he thought that the two bandits would still be left while Sardar had already killed them due to failure. Yet one day he dared to go there and did not find anyone in that cave. He took a lot of money from there and told his son about that cave so that he could take Ashrafia from there if needed. In this way, Alibaba and his family began to live happily.

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