Alibaba and 40 thieves (Chor) Complete Story – Part-2

Alibaba and 40 thieves (Chor) Complete Story – Part-2

Alibaba and 40 thieves
Alibaba and 40 thieves

It is a second part “Alibaba and 40 thieves”  classical story. Alibaba’s brother Qasim had come in but forgot the magic mantra to go out. At the same time, all those dacoits also came and they saw Qasim inside. He took all the goods from Kasim and put it back in his place. Now he started guessing how he came in because only those 40 dacoits knew the mantra to come in. Now they started worrying about the safety of their cave. Now they killed Kasim and cut him into four pieces and hung all those pieces on the door of the cave so that no one could come in fear of seeing him. After doing this, he left for plunder.

Now when Qasim did not return late at night, his wife got nervous and went to Alibaba’s house. He told me that Kasim has not returned yet. Alibaba did not even think that his brother alone would go to the cave so soon. Now not returning even till midnight, Kasim’s wife feared some mishap. In the morning she went back to Alibaba and asked for help. Alibaba immediately took his “axe” to the cave. At that time all the bandits had gone out for robbery. Now when he went inside, he found pieces of Qasim near the door and he was surprised. He immediately filled the pieces of his body in a bag and hurriedly left there and came to Kasim’s house.

Alibaba and 40 thieves
Alibaba and 40 thieves

The door of Kasim’s house was opened by Kasim’s wise and clever maid Marjane. He told Marjane, “Don’t tell your boss’s death and the secret of the corpse to anyone, now we have to bury Kasim’s corpse as if it had died a natural death, go quickly and call your boss”. Marjane called her mistress and after seeing Qasim’s corpse, his wife wept aloud when Alibaba pacified her and started thinking of a plan to bury Qasim. Now Marjina immediately went to Vaidya and asked him to give medicine for his master. He was doing this so that the people there would be convinced that Kasim died of illness.

The next morning, Marjane Mustafa went to the tailor and gave him a gold thread, saying, “You come with me to my house, I want to take you blindfolded”. Mustafa hesitantly said, “What is the use of such a night that you are telling me to walk”. Now Marjina gave him some more gold Ashurfia and said, “Do not be afraid, you have to walk to my house, sew the piece of my master’s body and I will give you the Ashrafiya of gold as soon as I am done”. At first, Mustafa refused to panic, but he agreed to the money’s greed.

Now Marjina blindfolded her and took her to Kasim’s house. He sipped Qasim’s body and prepared the shroud for him and went back. The next day spread the news of death from Qasim’s illness and bury him without knowing Kisii. In this way, no one came to know about the killing of Qasim. Now a few days later, the widowed wife of Qasim got married to another and Alibaba gave the store of Qasim to his elder son.

On the other hand, when the bandits came back to the cave, they did not find the body of Kasim. Now their Sardar got thinking because no one else knew his secret, so he called his friends to find that man. A robber agreed to do this work and one morning while wandering in the city, Mustafa sat at the tailor’s shop for a day. He asked Mustafa Tailor “You start work so soon, no shops are open yet, I don’t believe that an old man like you can do such a good stitch”. Now Mustafa tailor said, “Looks like you have come new to the city, my eyes are very sharp, you won’t believe I gave a piece of a corpse in low light”. Hearing his praise, that tailor accidentally said this.

The robber was happy to hear this and said cautiously, “A dead man, you have loved a dead man”. Mustafa turned around and said, “No, why should I tell you, I did not say anything”. When that robber showed the tailor gold asharfia, the greedy tailor stole everything. Now that robber asked the house of the man, where he went to the chest of the body. Now the greedy tailor said to get more Ashurfia “I had my eyes closed, how can I know his house”? That dacoit gave him more Ashurfiya and asked him to tell the house. Now the tailor said, “My eyes were tied, but I had measured his house by steps”. Now the tailor took the robber to Mustafa’s house and that robber made a mark outside that house. In this way, the dacoit went back to his camp.

After some time when Marjina came out, she saw the mark outside her house which was only at her house and was not at other houses. He had some suspicion that someone wants to recognize the loss of his master, so he put the same mark on all the houses. On the other hand, that robber told all the news to the Sardar and that robber took his Sardar to the place at night. Now that the robber saw the mark on all the houses, he was shocked that he had marked the same house, now how can he identify that house? Later that robber was killed by Sardar because Sardar felt that he had given wrong information.

Now Sardar Mustafa went to the tailor and threatened to kill him and asked him to tell Mustafa’s house. This time the Sardar had observed his house carefully. Now the Sardar planned another way and he bought 19 mules and 39 large jars, filled the jar with oil and left everything else empty. He kept the mouth of the jar large enough so that the man could enter it. Now he came with them to the city and reached Alibaba’s house.

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