5 Most Dangerous Moves In WWE Universal Championship-2020

5 Most Dangerous Moves In WWE Universal Championship-2020

    There are different variants of the piledriver, but they all have the same result. A fighter takes his opponent and pushes him over the head or neck. 5 Most Dangerous Moves In WWE Universal Championship which have an unbelievable power to fight. What makes this movement so dangerous is that when it runs poorly, a fighter can end up paralyzed or suffer a broken neck. The WWE Hall of Fame, Stone Cold Steve Austin experienced this firsthand when Owen Hart failed a sitting pile causing Austin a broken neck. Austin had to undergo cervical surgery and had a final match with The Rock in WrestleMania XIX. The careless piledriver led to Austin’s early retirement in 2003. The move is as dangerous as it seems, and a problem could end a fighter’s career.  

1. The Piledriver

The Piledriver 5 Most Dangerous MovesToday, only two fighters are allowed to move to WWE: The Undertaker and Kane.The world of professional wrestling or “sports entertainment,” as WWE would call it, focuses primarily on “entertainment” rather than the physical competition of the fight itself. The parties and segments are planned and executed for a live audience with millions of viewers. Even if the matches are predetermined and everything else is programmed, there are many things that can go wrong if they are not executed successfully. This includes the life of WWE superstars in the ring because their careers and lives are in the hands of their opponents. Although it must be like the fighters who suffer a lot, in the real world, that is not what they intend to do every time they enter the ring. They put their lives at stake every week to entertain fans and the least we can do is deal with them so that what they are doing is not real. WWE has generated millions of fans around the world and they are trying to encourage their fans not to copy what they see in the ring. In fact, if someone tries to move over another person without proper performance, that person’s life could be in danger. As I mentioned in my other article, it takes two (or more) fighters to achieve a finalizer. Although these finishers are easy and safe to make, here are 5 WWE finalists that are very dangerous

2. Coup de grace

5 Most Dangerous MovesThe double foot immersion or the coup de grace is one of the most devastating finalists currently taking place in WWE. The movement can cause serious injury to a fighter, and it takes a lot of time and practice for the artist to perform the movement safely. The fighters legitimately trample their opponents in the chest and the pain is legitimate. The current American champion, Shinsuke Nakamura, once said that being in the receiving part of the movement is like being stabbed in the chest. The fighters who make the move must proceed with caution and must The Tombstone, which strongly protects the head and neck of the other artist.

3. The clash of styles

The clash of styles
5 Most Dangerous Moves
  The Clash Styles is a finishing maneuver currently used by WWE Champion AJ Styles. Styles had made the move in several promotions such as TNA, Ring of Honor and NJPW before signing with WWE. The Clash Styles is so dangerous that it could easily end a fighter’s career. In the past, fighters made mistakes by folding their heads forward, landing on their head or neck. The movement was originally banned by WWE in 2016 after Vince McMahon was informed that former WWE superstar Yoshi Tatsu had been hurt by the careless AJ Styles style in Japan. Chris Jericho, however, encouraged Vince to return. Jericho said Vince didn’t even know what the movements were before banning him. This led Styles to use his submission movement The Calf Crusher and The Phenomenal Forearm as new finalists.

4. The Shooting Star Press

The Shooting Star Press
5 Most Dangerous Moves
The shooting star is one of the most popular air movements in the history of professional wrestling. While it sounds funny when a fighter does it, it is so dangerous that it could cause a severe concussion and a broken neck if not done correctly. It takes a lot of time to learn and perfect the movement and make it phenomenal. Several fighters facilitated the task, while others did not do the same. Shane McMahon failed when he paid the king of the ring in 2001 when he landed in a dumpster and one of the most infamous was when Brock Lesnar missed the move in WrestleMania XIX, missing Kurt Angle and landing on his head. WWE then banned the movement but brought it back when Evan Bourne signed with the company.

5. The spear

5 Most Dangerous Moves
The Spear is one of the most vicious finalists in WWE history. Several fighters have used the movement as finalists, including Edge, Rhyno and Roman Reigns. However, the only man who initiated the most devastating was Bill Goldberg. Goldberg is a former football player, so he was very familiar with the tackles before becoming a professional fighter. What makes the spear more dangerous is the fact that a fighter falls on the back or neck or head with the force of a fighter running. It has an impact on the belly and back of the recipient fighter and when Goldberg made the spear, it looked like it could actually kill you. While other superstars have not delivered the movement with the same kind of intensity as Goldberg, that does not mean it will hurt less.

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