38 Motivational Story For Life Changing Moment In English

38 Motivational Stories For Life-Changing Moment In English

Here we are going to tell you about 38 motivational stories for a life-changing moment in English. This is a short motivational story with moral, some funny inspirational stories leadership that you can share funny stories to tell someone others. Here you will find inspirational quotes on life, short story theme change, best motivational speakers on (youtube, business, education, etc), motivational seminars. These are true motivational stories that will change your life 100% guarantee.

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1. What should be done? “Work  Or  Rest.”

(Best Motivational stories)
work or rest motivationa stories

One person was very lazy. He wanted a life in which, he would just sleep in bed comfortably. Not only that, if he needs anything.

So he meets her in bed. All his family members were troubled by this habit. The family members did not fulfill these wishes to improve him.
He died one day. After his death, the angels took him to heaven. Heaven was very beautiful. He became very happy about seeing this.

The angel showed the man his house and said to him – you don’t even need to go from here. You will get everything here. All these slave maids will fulfill your command.

Hearing this, that person became very happy and started thinking that I wish I had come here already. The suffering I have suffered at home. They don’t even have to lift me.

Now that person would sleep hard day and night and whatever he wanted. He used to come for that only. A few days later he started getting bored with these things.

Whenever he would try to get up from his bed. The slave maids would have stopped him. Likewise, a lot of time passed. Gradually, those people now began to feel this life of comfort.

His mind stopped in heaven. Now he wanted to do some work. One day he said to the angel – I am bored with this life now. Now I want to do some work.

The angel said – You are called here not to work but to rest. You also wanted a similar life.

Now you just tell us your wishes. We will fulfill all your wishes. The man apologized to the angel and said – I have no wish now.
I want to do some work now. I have understood everything. The angel said to the person – Let me also explain what you have understood.

The person said – I have understood from all this that any human being should relax during work and rest at work. If anyone of these two things is more, then the enjoyment of life ends.
Friends, I want to explain this to you with this Inspirational Story. Never consider your work a burden and complete it on time. Work as hard as you can.

The work will be equally good and the work will be equally enjoyable. Whenever you start feeling the workload or lethargic. Always remember one thing in such a situation.

Morals:  For lazy people one day heaven also becomes hell.

2. Are you the greatest knowledgeable and intelligent (scholar)?(Best Motivational stories)

Once upon a time, there was a king considered himself to be the most knowledgeable and intelligent. One day, he became anxious to know if there was anyone more knowledgeable and intelligent in this world.

scholar motivational stories

Thinking that the king ordered his minister that in one month, he found the smartest man in this world and brought him to the court.

After receiving the order of the king, the minister set out in search of a wise and intelligent man. The month has come to an end but he has not found any such person.

The minister was frustrated and sat at home one day. Then his son told him – Father, you should not disturb. Before the end of the month, I will bring a knowledgeable and intelligent person in front of you.

At the end of the month, the minister’s son introduced his father to a person and said – Father is the greatest learned and intelligent person of this world.

You take it to the court. The minister saw that person and said about him that – this is our servant. Who takes care of cows.

How can it be intelligent? Son said – you obey me and take it away. The time was over. The minister had no other way. He took that servant to the court.

The king was waiting for the minister in the court. The minister presented the servant in front of the king and said – Maharaj, this person is the greatest learned and intelligent of the world.

The king saw that servant. He raised his finger. In response, the servant raised his two fingers. After this, the king raised three fingers.

Seeing this, the servant shook his head and started running from there. The king started laughing at this and gave many gifts to meet the minister with an intelligent and knowledgeable person.

The minister could not understand what was happening. In the end, the minister asked the king. The king said – Raising a finger I asked him – Am I the smartest.

Taking two fingers, he reminded me that God is also there. Then I raised my 3rd finger and asked about that – is there any third? He shook his head and flatly refused.

I used to think that I am the only one intelligent. But this person reminded me of the existence of God.

After the court ended, everyone started going to their respective homes. The minister went near the servant and asked him politely – what was the king asking him in gestures, and what was he answering to the king.

The servant said – Master, I have only three cows. When you took me to the court Then the king showed me a finger. I thought the king wanted to buy me a cow.

I thought the king was very rich, so I thought of giving him two cows and raised two fingers. He then showed three fingers. I thought they wanted to buy all three of my cows.

I thought it was unfair. So I refused and wanted to run away. Hearing all this, the minister started laughing loudly and stared to say that, do not panic. No one will take your cow from you.

Friends, I want to explain this to you from this Motivational Story. That whoever thinks that they are the most knowledgeable and intelligent.

In fact, they are the biggest fools. People make fun of them after them and laugh at them.

3. Honesty Is The Best Policy Motivational Stories

Once there was a famine in a state. People started dying due to hunger. The king of that state announced that all the children of the state would be given a roti. The very next day all the children of the kingdom gathered near the king’s palace.

honesty is the best policy motivational stories

Some bread was small there and some bread was big. All the children wanted to get big bread. Due to which they started pushing and fighting among themselves.

The king saw that a little girl was standing quietly. In the end, there was one of the smallest bread left. The girl took her pleasure and went home. The same happened on the second day.

Even when the bread was being distributed, the girl got only the smallest bread. She happily took bread and went home.

When she started eating bread at home, a gold coin came out of it. The family members of that girl said – give this gold coin back to that king. This is not our security.

The girl ran to the king’s palace and said to the king – out of my bread this gold coin has come out. Must have accidentally fallen into the dough while making bread. You put it back.

The king was very happy to see the honesty of that girl. The king had no daughter. So she adopted the girl and kept her family members in her own palace.

Not only this, after a few days the king named all his property to the girl.

4 Do what 99% of people are not doing.

99% people are not doing motivational stories

Once a painter made a very beautiful painting. He could not see any deficiency in that painting. He thought why not show this painting to the people.

So he hung that painting in the middle of the city, and he wrote a note below. Which was written in

If anyone sees a deficiency in it, then mark it at that place.

In the evening when the painter reached his painting, he was very sad because his entire painting was marked, and it was completely destroyed.

He could not understand what to do now.

Just then a friend of his came to see him and seeing him sad, asked him the reason for his grief. So the painter told him about his problem.

After listening to the whole thing his friend started laughing and said that this is a very small problem.

He told him that you can make another painting again tomorrow and hang it in the middle of the city and write a note again under it, whoever sees any deficiency in this painting should correct it.

That painter did the same the next day. When he saw that painting in the evening, he was surprised. Because nobody had done anything in that painting.

Seeing this, he understood that it is easy to find faults in someone else. But it is very difficult to overcome that deficiency.

5. If You Want To Become Big Then Do This Work Every Day

do this every day motivational stories

Once upon a time, a man did a harsh penance of Shiv Ji. Pleased with the austerity of that man, Lord Shiva appeared to him.

God said to that man – I am happy with your penance. Ask for whatever you want. The man said to God – I want to progress, I want happiness, peace, and at the same time people should praise me.

God gave the man two bags and said to him – one of these bags is full of evils of other people. Never open it nor let anyone open it.

Hang it on your back. Hang this other bag in front of you, it has its faults. Opening it frequently. The man picked up both the bags but he made a big mistake.

He hung his bag of faults on his back and closed his mouth well, and hung the bag of evils of other people in front. In doing so, the gift given to God backfired.

Because of that the man never saw his evils and shortcomings, and he always started seeing evils and shortcomings in other people.

He began to downgrade instead of progressing. He started suffering and suffering instead of happiness.

Conversely, if instead of paying attention to the shortcomings and evils of other people, he would pay attention to his shortcomings and evils. So he would progress in life.

His life would have been full of happiness and happiness. But he spent most of his time doing evil to other people. Due to which he was destroyed.


6 Why 2% of people are successful, not 98%

why 2% People are successful not 98% people Motivational stories

In a village, a man ran his small shop and lived. One day late at night, he closed his shop and was going home. On the way, he found some thieves.

The man asked them, where are you all going on this night. A thief said that we are merchants and we are going to buy goods.

Hearing this, the man said that what goods are you going to buy on such a night. Goods will be bought in cash or borrowed. The thief said – Brother, you do not have to pay money.

Hearing this, the man was surprised and started thinking about what such work is. In which goods are sold without any money. After thinking for a while, the man said that you guys take me with you too.

I also want to learn this work. Choro said – Okay come on. After walking some distance, the man said – I have no idea about this work. You tell me how this work is done.

A thief said – Whatever we are going to tell you, write it well on a paper. The man said – Okay, tell me.

The thief said, write – “To make a dent in the backyard of someone’s house, sneak into the house, press everything, collect everything whatever, neither ask the landlord nor give him money, quietly cover everything and take it home.

On reaching another village, the thieves said to the man – Now you can enter any house but keep in mind all the things written on that paper.

The man buried inside the backyard. All the people were sleeping in that house.

After this, he quietly started collecting all the goods. Then a pot fell from his hand. Whose voice awakened everyone in the house.

Everyone surrounded the man and started beating him. While beating, the man shouted loudly that nothing like this was written in this paper.

Friends, why this Motivational Story (only 2% people are successful, not 98%. The Winning Mentality Motivational Story for Success in Life), you must have understood that there is a need for imitation.

This is the reason that only 2% of people are successful in their life. Not 98%. In this world, every human has his own distinct talent.

Not everyone can become Bill Gates, not every person can become Steve Jobs. Not every human being can become Sachin.

But 98% of people do not understand this. They are simply copying each other. Instead, if all those people recognize the talent inside them and do some work related to it, then they will get success quickly.

Now you have to decide whether you want to join 2% of people or you want to join 98% of people.


7 How many good fruits have you put in your bag?

How many good fruits have you put in your bag motivational stories

A king had three ministers in his court. One day the king called all three of them to the court, and gave a bag to all three, and also ordered that they go to the garden and bring this bag filled with fruit.

A king had three ministers in his court. One day the king called all three of them to the court, and gave a bag to all three, and also ordered that they go to the garden and bring this bag filled with fruit.

All the ministers went to different gardens with a bag. The first minister thought that I should not waste time. The king will not eat fruit.

So he filled the grass pallet in the bag so that the bag looked full. The second minister thought that the king would not eat the fruit. So he filled the good and bad fruits in a bag.

The third minister thought that I fill the good fruit in the bag. If the king eats or does not eat, the work of some of the others will come.

The three ministers filled their bags and reached the king’s court. The king did not open any minister’s bag and ordered his soldiers to jail them all for a month with bags filled with their fruits.

The king also ordered that no one would give them food. They have to use bags filled with fruits to eat.

The first minister placed a straw in his bag. So he died a few days later due to hunger.

There were some good and some bad fruits in the second minister’s bag, after which he fell ill. The third minister’s bag contained good fruits chosen. After eating those, he spent a month comfortably.

8 Abandon ego motivational stories

Abandon ego motivational stories

Once a Mahatma was passing through a kingdom. He thought he should meet the king. He went to the king. The king gave him a lot of respect.

So that Mahatma stayed with the king for a few days. The king asked the Mahatma many questions.

That Mahatma answered all the questions of the king in great detail. Now it was time for that Mahatma to leave.

The king said to the Mahatma, O Mahatma, I wish to give you something as a gift. You can take anything from my treasure.

The Mahatma told the king that you are the keeper of the treasure. Treasure is not your property. This is the property of the state. The king said that the palace is mine only.

You collect the castle. The Mahatma said no, this palace is also not yours. This palace also has the right of the subjects

The king said to the Mahatma, Mahatma, tell me what I have. I have authority and I can give it to you.

Mahatma said that if you want to give, then give me your ego. Hearing this, the king understood that Mahatma.

Friends, from this story I want to explain to you that ego takes birth in any person. That person starts thinking of himself as superior and sensible.

But he does not know that his ejaculation slowly makes him hollow inside. Due to this ego, one day he loses everything.

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9 People lost in love Motivational stories

People lost in love Motivational stories

once upon a time. It was a very sweet boy. Who used to laugh – play. He used to laugh at others too.

All the children and teachers started liking him. Everyone’s eyes just kept searching for him.
He did not come to school for a few days and when he came he looked very sad. His eyes were swollen.

As if he cried a lot for some reason. His teacher realized that something had gone wrong with it.

His teacher asked him to meet after class. After class, the teacher asked him – what happened that laughter disappeared from your face.

You were in awe of the class. Seeing which everyone blossomed. The boy said – Sir, I liked a girl and she broke my heart and left.

That teacher understood everything. He called the boy for dinner the next day.

The next day when the boy reached the teacher’s house, the teacher brought juice for that boy. That teacher deliberately added more salt to the juice.

The boy said while drinking juice – Sir, you have added more salt to it. The teacher said – If you speak, I throw away the juice and make another for you. The boy said – Sir, there is no need to throw this juice.

There is too much salt in it. We add more sugar to it. After that, it will be worth drinking. The teacher said smilingly – I want to explain this to you.

Salt is too much in your life. We cannot reduce it but sugar can add more sugar.

Friends, with this Motivational Love Story, I want to explain to you that in such a situation, if you remember your good time, then it will work as a sugar.

Which will make you realize that there is a lot more to your life than this. Just mix a little sugar in this bitter juice of life once and watch it. Happiness and happiness will take hold of you.

Love does not mean that you have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Love simply means that there is someone special in your life. Who cares for you and you worry about that. Best Motivational Love Story in Hindi People Lose in Love

10 Raise your price, “Success Businessman Story”

Raise your price,

once upon a time. A Success Businessman had earned his big name in the city due to his business, but he used to be very worried about his son.

He often wondered if his son would be able to handle this business.

Keeping this in mind. He thought of taking his son’s exam. The next day he gave his son a box and said – whatever is inside this box.

Next, if you can sell it for more than its price, then I will double your pocket money.

He opened the box and saw. Wheat was filled in it. He started thinking about how to sell this wheat at prices higher than their price.

Immediately a thought came to his mind. He ground the wheat and turned it into flour. Due to which its price increased.

By doing this, the boy’s pocket money doubled but that Success Businessman was still not satisfied.

The next day he called his son again and gave him the flour and said – if you increase its price then I will double your pocket money again.

The boy thought for a while and then he got the bakery nearby to get the bread made from that. By doing this, the cost of that flour increased and the boy’s pocket money also doubled.

The Success Businessman was still not satisfied, so he thought to take the exam on his son’s side.

The next day he called his son and gave him bread and said – do something that will increase the price of this bread. If you can do this, I will double your pocket money again.

Hearing this, the boy kept thinking for a while, then he went to the kitchen with bread and got his mother to make her cake and gave it to her father. Father was very happy to see this. Now his father felt that his son could handle the business well.

Friends, from this story I want to explain to you that in this world man is known for his price and the value of human being increases due to his skills and qualities.

11. How to make your Identity

How to make your Identity motivational stories

Pushpendra Kulshrestha, a noted writer journalist and diplomat who is rich in a very cheerful nature and charming personality. His journalism is famous not only in the country but also abroad. He has also done journalism in a place where it is not possible for other journalists. His cheerful attitude and on-the-spot answers are unacceptable. Once upon a time, Pushpendra was addressing a meeting, there was a huge crowd, people were coming from far and wide to hear him.

When he finished his speech and exited, a crowd rushed towards him for autographs. Pushpendra was giving autographs while talking to them. Then a young man came in front of Pushpendra from that crowd, the young man told him –

For this reason, you are also my most beloved writer. I have read all your books and want to bring your personality into my life. But what do I do so that I can create a different identity? I can get fame like you. “

Saying this, the young man moved his booklet to Pushpendra for an autograph.

Funny thing after that
Pushpendra did not say anything at that time and write a few words in his booklet and returned the booklet to the youngster by giving an autograph.
It was written in this booklet – “You spend your time identifying yourself, someone else’s autograph will not make your identity.” The time you give to other people, you give yourself that time. “

The young man was very happy to read this answer and thanked Pushpendra that –

Pushpendra thanked the young man and gave him many wishes for success.

Morals = Make your unique identity and personality.

12 No job is small or big

No job is small or big

Once upon a time, Guru was going far away with his disciples. The path was long, everyone was tired of walking. Now he wished to rest, but if he rested, it would have been more night to reach the destination.

So those people were constantly on the move.

On the way came a brook that had to take a long jump to cross. All the people took a long jump and crossed the drain. But Guruji’s kamandal fell in that stream. Troubled by all the disciples, a disciple Gopal went to find the scavenger to take out the kamandal. The other disciples sat and started worrying, planning how to get out this kamandal?

Master started getting upset
Because Guruji taught everyone the lesson of self-reliance. No disciple is implementing his Sikh. By the end, nobody really stepped forward to do that work, seeing that Guru Ji was quite upset. A disciple Madan got up and looked with his hand in the drain, but the kamandal did not appear. Because he had reached the bottom of the drain, then Madan, while handling his clothes, landed in the drain and immediately came up with a kamandal.

Guru ji praised and greatly appreciated his disciple Madan, he immediately carried out the work and worked on the lesson taught by the Guru. Then the disciple Gopal who had gone to find the cleaning worker also came, he was aware of his mistake.

Moral of this motivational story

No task is small or big, one must do his own work. Despite being in any crisis, help from other people should be taken at least.

13 Self-Respect Motivational stories

Self-Respect Motivational stories

It is a matter of those days when the movement against the British was going on all over India. When Mahatma Gandhi gave voice to the Indian public to join the Non-Cooperation Movement, all Indians agreed to fight unanimously under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. All Indians were boycotting the British, boycotting English goods according to their own. They were boycotting everything they sponsored so that there was no sense of belonging. People stood with Mahatma Gandhi after leaving the frozen government job as well, one of them is Munshi Premchand.

Munshi Premchand renounced his government job and joined the non-cooperation movement with a call to join Mahatma Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement. He played a leading role as much as he could at his level, agitating from place to place, boycotting foreign objects and moving people around.

Premchand Hindi motivational story
People were impressed by seeing this dedication of Premchand. All men and women, under his influence, were joining the Non-Cooperation Movement and were realizing the dream of Mahatma Gandhi. Then women were also considered for greater participation in this movement. Everyone suggested that Premchand’s wife should play a leading role in this struggle. All women will give their support under his leadership.

After much thought, Premchand’s wife, despite being a homemaker in the non-cooperation movement, played a leading role and raised a large contingent of women in her leadership. There was some hesitation in the beginning but people started feeling self-respect by adopting indigenous items. In this, there was a special contribution of the Mahila Mandali, which not only inspired the family members but also inspired them, the whole of India stood against the British, which worked to shake the foundation of the British.

Moral of this motivational story
Self-respect is one of the most important works of human life.

14  Fear of ghosts in the village

fear in the villege motivational story
fear in the villege motivational story

A beautiful village is situated amidst the mountains of Aravali, where the people produce their sustenance through their hard work. Animal husbandry and agriculture are an integral part of his life. He plays cards for entertainment, makes chickens fight, and women make baskets, fencing, etc. doing small-scale industry. There is a raw well outside the village, no one goes there in the dark of night because people have heard many stories about that well.

Some people say that many ghosts come to the village well to drink water at night. Some people say that one day a passer-by fell into that well and died and his soul now wanders the same, and if someone goes, he kills it.
Don’t know how many stories were made with that well. But no person goes that way after evening, nor near that well.

Once upon a time
In the village, people were talking about that well, there was a blacksmith in it.

He cut everyone’s saying that there is no ghost and I do not believe in ghosts.

People started scolding him and convincing him to be a ghost. But the blacksmith started to confront them and started saying that there are no ghosts, I will go to that well and prove it to everyone.

The blacksmith agreed to go to that well at night, he also took an ax to his hand.

He walked towards the well, the night passed but the blacksmith never came. In the morning his dead body was found in the well, since then the fear of ghosts ran like a wave in the whole village.

Now the children of the village would reach their parents as soon as evening. Once upon a time, a soldier came to his home on leave. He started telling his son that one of his friend lives outside the village, go there and bring a basket, in the morning we have to go for farming.

At this, the army’s son Amrit fearfully refused to go there.

The military knows the reason for his fear
So it was understood that there is a fear of ghosts in the village, due to which the whole village does not go out in the dark of night.

To overcome this fear from his son’s mind, the army is determined, because he was the son of the military, and there is nothing called fear in the army. Fauji took a torch and went out for a walk with his son, Amrit walking fearfully behind his father.

Fauji took his son to the same well, where stories were told by everyone.

Fauji looked around with a flashlight and there was no one there, he said to Amrit, is anyone here? People are afraid like this, and children are also afraid.

But the second moment heard the sound of any of the wells going up and down, on this, the army saw the flashlight in the well and showed the nectar nothing. There is a lot of birds in it, who are alert due to our presence here. Huh.

Now slowly the fear of nectar began to break and he left his father’s hand.

Amrit became fearless and roamed there, Amrit had become fearless after that day. He used to go to that well at night also. Gradually, the fear of that ghost from his village also came to an end. People now had only ghost stories.

15  Brave girl A Motivational stories

Brave girl A Motivational stories
Brave girl A Motivational stories

A very cute girl was born in Paliganj village in Patna district of Bihar. The girl was very beautiful, her parents or relatives celebrated the birth, there was a festive atmosphere in the house. But some relatives listened to the birth of the girl and then started criticizing the girl, she was named ‘Vidushi’ based on her form and beauty.

Vidushi is very beautiful and playful

Whoever could not be attracted by anyone who saw him, would fall in love with him in his lap. His parents loved him very much or kept him with a heart. Vidushi used to play in his village – house, beating or jumping, or looting the vatsalya, many in the Totli dialect – many songs chanting – kept growing.

Over time she grew up. His parents got him enrolled in the village school. She was the first to read and write. Which separated him from the class and the children. When she was only 4 years old, her father died. Then she started getting mentally disturbed, but still, she continued to study and write, since childhood, she was fond of playing many sports like cricket, football, and volleyball.

She used to practice and had a penchant for which she also became a national player. Vidushi was born into an ordinary family. He did not give up due to lack of funds, he also passed the law examination from the college. A turning point in Vidushi’s life came when she was going by train to take an exam. On the way, anti-social elements attacked the train. When Vidushi strongly opposed this, the bandits pushed her down the train. ‘

Due to this act, one of his legs got hit by the train.

Despite this, Vidushi did not lose courage and continued to move forward. Vidushi continued to work hard throughout his life, not relying on his fate. His good intentions also crossed the peak of Everest one day, proudly waving the flag of his country India at the top of Everest. Was saluting Vidushi and her spirit. This means that when you have a feeling of penance and penance, then no task is impossible for you. As happened with Vidushi even if there is no leg. He proved the climb of the peak in the inaccessible of Everest, that before the hard work and dedication, the Everest peak can also be like a mountain of a molehill.

16  Failure is more important than success

Failure is more important than success
motivational story

There comes a time in everyone’s life when all things are happening against you and there is a disappointment from all sides. Whether you are a programmer or something, you stand at that point in life where everything is going wrong. Now whether it can be a software that has been rejected by everyone, or you can have a decision that has proved to be very terrible.

It is important that for becoming success first you need to be a failure All the businessmen, scientists and great men in our history have failed many times before becoming successful in life. When we are doing so many things, it is not necessary that everything will be perfect. But if you are going to stop trying your efforts because of this, you can never get success in your life.

Henry Ford, a billiard and owner of the world-famous Ford Motor Company. Ford failed in five other businesses before becoming successful. If someone else had broken five times due to failure in different businesses and sinking in the loan. But Ford did not do this and today is the owner of a bilinear company.

If you talk about failure person, Thomas Alva Edison’s name comes first because he also gets fails many times. He did about 1000 failed experiments before making light bulbs.

Albert Einstein, who did not know anything until the age of 4, and was illiterate until the age of 7. People considered him as mentally weak but on the basis of his theory and principles, he became the greatest scientist in the world.

Now it is time to imagine for you that what would have happened if Henry Ford had sat down disappointed after failing in five business, or take another example Edison would have given up hope after 999 unsuccessful experiments and take one more example Tintin would have thought of himself as a weak brain?

We would have been unaware of many great talents and inventions.

So, friends, failure is more important than success…

Failure shows the path of success to man. Some great man has said that –

17  Human value A motivational stories

Human value A motivational stories
Human value A motivational stories

Once he taught in a teacher class. To teach the children something new, the teacher pulled a 100 rupee note from his pocket. When they showed this note to the children, they said: Can you tell me how many rubies there are?

All the children said: “100 rupees”

Teacher: Who wants to make this note? All the children raised their hands.

Now that the teacher has closed this note with a fist and is very much in love. Now the teacher showed the children the note again and said that the note had been overwritten. Who would want to take it now?

All the children raised their hands again.

Now, this teacher threw this note to the ground and crushed it with his shoes. Then, the teacher took the note and showed it to the children again, asking who would like to take it now.

All the children raised their hands again.

Well, said the teacher, children, I taught you a lot today. It was a 100 rupee note when I crushed it by hand. This note was crushed, but its price was only 100 rupees. After that, when I rubbed them with shoes, that note got dirty, but it still cost 100 rupees.

Similarly, the value of people and the ability of people are always the same. No matter how many difficulties happen to you, the dust of difficulties may fall on you, but it does not lose its value. You were better yesterday and even better today.

18  Bright bluestone price Motivational stories

Bright bluestone price Motivational stories
Bright bluestone price Motivational stories

Very knowledgeable sadhu Maharaj had come to a city, many humbled, sad and troubled people started coming to him to get his kindness. One such sad, poor man came to him and said to Sadhu Maharaj, ‘I am very poor in Maharaj, I have debt too, I am very upset. Do me some favors’.

Sadhu Maharaj gave him a bright blue stone and said that this is a precious stone, go get it as much as you can. The man left and went to a fruit seller he knew and wanted to know the value of the stone by showing it.

The fruit seller said, ‘I think it is blue glass, the Mahatma has given it to you, yes it looks beautiful and bright, you give it to me, I will give you 1000 rupees.

Frustrated, the man went to another acquaintance who was a pottery merchant. He also showed the merchant to that stone and wanted to know its value to avoid it. The merchant of utensils said, ‘This stone is a special gem, I will give you 10,000 rupees for it. The man started thinking that its price would be even higher and he started thinking from there.

The man now showed this stone to a goldsmith, the goldsmith looked at that stone carefully and said that it is very valuable, I will give you Rs. 1,00,000.

The man now understood that it was very priceless, he thought why not show it to the diamond merchant, thinking that he went to the biggest diamond merchant in the city. When that diamond merchant saw that stone, he kept looking Gaya, watchful expressions started appearing on his face. He applied that stone from the forehead and asked, where did you bring it from. This is priceless. Even if I sell my entire property, I cannot pay its price.


How do we rate ourselves? Are we the ones who form opinions about us? Your life is priceless, no one can buy your life. You can do what you think about yourself. Never underestimate yourself from the negative comments of others.

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19  Group of frogs Motivational stories

Group of frogs Motivational stories
Group of frogs Motivational stories

A group of frogs was going through the path of the forest. Suddenly two frogs fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw that the pit is too deep, all the frogs standing above shouted, “You two cannot get out of this pit, the pit is very deep, you both give up hope to get out of it.”

Those two frogs probably did not listen to the frogs standing above and they continued to jump to get out of the pit. The frogs standing outside kept saying ‘You two are working in vain, you should give up, both of you should give up. You can’t leave

One of the two frogs that fell into the pit, the frog overheard the frogs standing upstairs, and, leaving the jump, he sat down in a corner disappointed. The second frog kept trying, he kept jumping as much as he could.

All the frogs standing outside were constantly saying that you should give up, but that frog might not be able to listen to them and kept jumping and after a lot of efforts he came out.

The frog pointed out that he could not listen to them because he was deaf and could not hear, so he could not listen to anyone. He was thinking that everyone is encouraging him.

20  Eagle and chicken A 
Motivational stories


There was a banyan tree in a forest. An eagle lived in a nest on the tree where he laid eggs. A wild hen had laid eggs under the same tree. One day, one of the eggs of that eagle fell down and got into the eggs of the chicken.

Time elapsed and the eagle child came out of that egg and he grew up thinking that he is a chicken. He grew up with the fowl kids. He does the same things that a hen does. He murmured like a chicken, digging the ground and swallowing the grain, and he could fly as high as a chicken.


Whatever we think or try something new, others stop us by saying that you cannot do this, it cannot happen and we change our mind thinking that I really cannot do it and give up Let’s take it.

The main reason for this is a lack of confidence in yourself, no trust in your powers, no confidence in your work. Friends, what people say, let the people say it is their job to say, trust in yourself, identify yourself. Friends, even if victory is certain, cowards also fight, they are called brave, who are sure to lose, yet do not leave the field!

21 Sometimes think A Motivational stories

Sometimes think A Motivational stories
Sometimes think A Motivational stories

One man’s house was in a small village away from the city. There was no shortage of any kind in his house. But still, he was not happy.

He felt that the life of the city was good. So one day he decided to sell the village house and take it home in the city. The very next day he called his friends from the city. Who used to work in a real state.

He told his friend – you sell my village home and get me a nice house in the city. His friend looked at the house and said – your house is so beautiful.

Why do you want to sell it If you need money, I can give you some money? The person said – no no I do not need money.

I want to sell this house. Because this house is far away from the village. There are no paved roads like the city here. The route here is very bumpy.

There are many tree plants here. When the wind blows the leaves spread throughout the house. This village is surrounded by mountains. Now you tell me why I should not go to the city.

His friend said – Okay. If you have thought of going to the city. So I will get your house sold soon. The next day in the morning, that person was reading a newspaper. He saw a housing advertisement in the newspaper. Wrote in the advertisement.

Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, surrounded by hills, full of greenery, in a beautiful house with fresh air, settle in your dream house. To buy a house, contact the number given below. The person liked the house as soon as he saw the advertisement. He decided to buy that house.

When he called the number, he was surprised. Because this advertisement was at his house. This knowledge happily jumped. He called his friend and said – I am already living in my house of choice. That’s why you don’t sell my house to anyone. I will stay the same.

Friends, I want to explain this to you from this Motivational Story. Most people complain about their lives. They think that their lives are full of sorrow.

Such people like the life of other people very much. But you never do that. Before doing anything, see your life at once from the eyes of friends.

If you have ever seen your life from the eyes of others, you will find that your life is very good from others. (Sometimes think)

22  Will surely get punishment

Will surely get punishment

Once a greedy crow was passing by a house. Then he got his eyes on the kitchen. Fish was being cooked in the kitchen. Seeing this, the crow’s mouth became watery.

He thought of entering the kitchen. But he could not understand. How to break Just then, he saw a pigeon nest. He thought that if I befriend the pigeon, maybe I can enter the kitchen.

Dove exited the kitchen to feed Dana. So the crow followed him. The pigeon looked back and asked the crow – why are you following me.

The crow said – I like you very much. I want to befriend you Hearing this, the pigeon said – how can we be friends. I eat seeds, and you eat insects.

Crows cunningly said – I don’t have a house. That’s why we can live together. Here we will come together to find food.

Your search for your food. I’ll find my food. The pigeon said – Come on it’s okay. Now let’s go home. Both of them reached home.

The next day the pigeon asked the crows to walk together to find food. The crow said – Today my health is bad. You go away The pigeon went alone.

Fish was being made again in the kitchen today. The food was ready. Water was coming from the fish in the crow’s mouth. As the owner of the house exited the kitchen.

The crows started looking at the fish and started eating. Seeing the crow eating fish when the owner came back. He was very angry.

Angry, he grabbed the crows and twisted his neck. When the pigeon returned after searching for food, he saw the condition of the crows. He understood everything about seeing the crow’s condition.

23  Are our parents preventing us from moving forward? [for students]

Are our parents preventing us from moving forward

once upon a time. A father was flying a kite with his son. The kite touches Badalo in the sky. It was swaying with the wind.

After some time the son said to the father – Father is not able to go above the weight of the kite thread. We should break this thread. The kite will go up as soon as it breaks.

The father immediately broke the thread. The kite started going up with thread. But after a while, she started waving and coming down. And she went away and fell on the ground.

The son asked the father – why did this happen. Why did it come down?
His father told him – the height we are in life. We feel there often. Some things that we are tied to.
They are preventing us from touching the heights of life. Such as – parents, discipline, family, etc. That’s why we think. That we should be free from them.

Just like a kite is tied with a thread. In the same way, we are also bound by them. Actually this is the thread. Which keeps us at that height.

If you break this thread. So once you go to the height like that kite. But later you will fall on the ground like that kite.

As long as she is tied with a kite thread. Till then she will touch the heights of the sky. In the same way, if you also want to remain on the heights in life.

So don’t break through these threads. Because success in life comes from the balance of the whole family.

24 The answers to these two questions will make you successful.

If any human being gets answers to both these questions. So his whole life can change. Success does not happen by chance. It is the result of our attitude. And we choose our own perspective

A priest was going somewhere by car. On the way, he saw a very beautiful farm. He came out after stopping the car and standing on the edge of that farm.

He started praising his crops. The owner of that farm was working on that farm. Seeing the priest, he came to her.

The priest said to him – God has given you a very beautiful field. You should be grateful to him. The farmer replied.

Yes, God has given me a very beautiful field, and I thank them for this.

But you should have seen it at that time. When God kept the entire field in his hands.

Friends, I want to explain this to you from this Motivational Story. Most unsuccessful people keep waiting for a big lottery, and such people never look like that lottery.

Any person can only show you the way. You have to walk that way yourself. Not only this, but you will also have to face the difficulties coming on that path.

25 Greed and deception An Ispiring stories

Two friends lived in a village. They both took care of each other due to the good friendship between them. That village was very happy. But once there is a sudden drought in the village.

Hunger spreads in the village. Both of their friends think to help their family and the village. And go to the city to earn money.

They make a lot of money by going to the city. One day both think that we have a lot of money. Now we should go back to the village.

A few days later both leave for the village. But due to heavy rains on the way, they both stop in a hut.

They were both waiting for the rain to end. Only then does a friend get tempted?

He thinks that if I kill him, all the money will be mine. Because of which I will have a lot of name in the village. He greedily kills his friend.

When he is killing his friend. Then his friend pleads in front of him. Gives him friendship.

His friend tells him – you are not going to see anyone here but you will not be saved.

These drops of water will tell everyone that you killed me and took all my money. Hearing this, he starts laughing. He tells her.

How will she tell these unique drops? After this, he kills his friend and comes back to the village with all the money.

On reaching the village, the villagers ask where his friend is. He tells everyone that his friend got lost in the city.

Everybody believes his words. After some years again it rains very fast. He smiles seeing water bubbles.

His wife asks. What happened, why are you smiling so much? He speaks – Nothing happened. Her husband is adamant. He tells his wife everything.

He relied on unexplained raindrops. That these drops will bear witness to his death. His wife tells this to everyone.

In a few days, this thing spreads throughout the village. Because of which he is caught. All the people of the village together punish him.

Friends, I want to explain this to you from this Motivational Story. That if you have made a mistake. So she cannot hide. Sometimes she will definitely come in front of you.

Not only this, but you will also get punishment for that mistake. Greed is bad. So never cheat on anyone. You will not be able to escape. Always remember that bad work is bad.


26 If it is not found then I will die – Happy Valentine Day

If she is not found, I will die. We have often heard this from our friends or people living nearby and many times we have seen this thing coming true with our eyes.

What do you think is correct? I do not get it right. Think about all of you for a minute. On one side is the love that you have been getting for a few months or a few years and on the other side is the love that you have been getting since childhood.

That is, love or affection by your parents, siblings. Now think to yourself which love is good and true.

If you have thought of dying. So before you die, take a little time and think about one thing. You are not dying alone

Every person who loves or loves you will die with you. A lot of life has been attached to you. Think about them once before making any decision.

There has been a trend of dying in today’s generation. If you do not get love, die, if marks do not come good, die, if you do not get a job, die if you do not get success in life. Friends, the solution of everything is not to die.

If God has sent you to this world then to do something big, not to die. If you can find thousands of reasons to die in your life, then you cannot find a reason to live.

For every single smile of yours, your loving parents have suffered a lot. Will you give their hard work to their death?

Friends, believe me, dying is not a solution. Instead, make yourself capable with your hard work and dedication that every person wants to be like you. Want to love you Now let’s talk about blackmailing.

Some boys or girls blackmail each other. Understand this thing very carefully. We assume that a boy propose a girl.

The girl refused. So the boy blackmailed the girl that if he did not say yes, he would die. The girl heard this and said yes.

Now we understand this very well. Is there love between the girl and the boy. Will those people be happy? I don’t think so. Think for yourself This is not love but a deal. `There is an agreement.

Agreements can be broken at any time. Or you can get into the worst situation, and even if you got love by doing this, then there is no use. Because the building whose foundation is weak.

She may fall due to a mild earthquake. So don’t do any blackmailing. Instead, make yourself capable that when you meet that girl in the future, then she could not live without knowing you and loving you.

So, friends, you have to make a promise to me today. That if you do not get that you will not die.

You will live and make yourself capable that whenever he comes to know about you, he cannot live without loving you.

27  Difference Between Love And Attraction A Motivational stories

Friends, if I tell from my perspective, then love means sacrifice. For example – Our parents give up their desires to fulfill our small desires. Because they love us.

Want to see us happy They don’t need anything from us. They just want to see us smiling. Love is such a feeling. In which the feelings of the person in front are respected wholeheartedly.

We understand this by an example. A man named Mohan used to trade sandalwood. It had earned a great name in this trade.

On the other side, there was a carpenter named Sohan. The one who had made the best of different kinds of wood, but he never used sandalwood.
Once a man asked Sohan to make a table with sandalwood. Sohan came to know that a person named Mohan trades sandalwood.

Sohan went to his shop but Sohan did not like the sandalwood.
He started removing Mohan and those woodcuts on Mohan’s mouth. Now Mohan had two paths. First – he too gets angry and loses one of his customers.

Due to which there is a loss in his business. Secondly – he should control his anger and earn profits by selling goods to one of his customers.

Mohan chose another route. He asked Sohan – have you ever used sandalwood.

Sohan did not say, I will work on sandalwood for the first time. Mohan said after listening to this – you take away the sandalwood wood.

If you do not have fun after work, then I will refund all the money. Also, you can keep these wood for free.

Sohan thought – This is a very profitable deal. He started working with wood.

He enjoyed working on those woods for the first time. Sohan realizes that he should not have called Mohan good or bad. For this, Sohan apologized to Mohan. From here we learn that Mohan knew that Sohan is wrong.

He could prove his point by quarreling with her if he wanted to but Mohan did not. He did not say on Sohan’s mouth that he was wrong.

Instead, he made Sohan realize this. By doing this, he was saved from Risto’s bitterness. It is in your hands to make anything positive and negative.

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28  Ears heard and eyes seen may also lie

once upon a time. A Mahatma was walking along the river in the morning. Suddenly, he caught sight of a man.

The one who slept with the head on the lap of the woman on the banks of the river. When the Mahatma looked carefully, the same man also had an empty bottle of liquor.

Seeing this, he started thinking about how this man is. Who is immersed in love by consuming liquor at the same time, keeping the head in the lap of a woman?

Suddenly, that Mahatma heard the voice of someone shouting. The Mahatma saw a man drowning in the river.

That Mahatma could not swim, so he could not help the man in any way.

Then the Mahatma saw – a sleeping man woke up with a woman’s head and jumped into the river to save the person. He saved the person.

Seeing all this, the Mahatma fell into thinking. He started thinking. Call this man bad or good

When he did not understand anything, he went to the man to find it and asked him – who are you and what are you doing here.
The man said – I am a fisherman. I was fishing – caught away in this river.

Today I have returned after a long time, so my mother came to take me to the river bank. There was no other vessel left in the house, so she brought water in a bottle of liquor.

I was quite tired during this journey, so after drinking water, I laid my head in my mother’s bed and slept.

Hearing this, tears came in the eyes of that Mahatma. He started thinking that I thought bad about this person without knowing the truth.

Friends, I want to explain to you from this Motivational Story that ears can be heard and eyes can be false.

Know the truth before taking any decision towards anyone, because it can also be that what you have heard and that you can see.

That should not be true. Because of which you have to regret later. Ears heard and eyes seen may also lie

29 Protect Your Dreams  A Motivational stories

Friends, you all know how fickle our mind is. Have you ever heard the sound of this fickle mind?

As you grow older. By the way, some dreams are born in your mind. Or we can say that a student thinks of doing something new in his life.

Whenever a student does this. Then he gets two types of people.

First, those who want to help him, that is, take him to the path of success.

Others who drag that student backward. That is, they take him on the path of failure.

These two humans give you something. First gives you positivity to fulfill your dreams.

Others give you negativity to overcome your dreams. Today I will tell you about these two.

Let us talk first. People who help you to fulfill your dreams.

You should always keep in touch with such people because whenever any negative thoughts about your dreams are born inside you.
At such times these people give you good advice.
Due to which your confidence increases. At the same time, you get inspiration to move forward. A voice comes from inside you that I can.

Others are those people. Those who do not want you to fulfill your dreams. Such people always tell you that you cannot do this work because they could not do this work in their time.

I will say this to you – Whenever you meet such people, make a distance from them because if there is anything in this world.

Whatever a person has done, you can do it too. You have the best brain in the world. You can do whatever you want.
But I have a condition. You must trust yourself while fulfilling your dreams. It should not be that you are just engaged. There is no direction nor goal.

If you have a dream Break it into halves and get each one in turn.

By doing this your confidence will increase and you will also have confidence in yourself.

I will tell you again – people who are holding you and pulling you backward.

Stay away from such people because such people could not get themselves, so they are telling you that you also cannot achieve but by trusting in your qualities and abilities. Have to move forward. Protect Your Dreams

30  Be patient everything will be available

Was a wealthy king. Whenever he went to the temple. Outside that temple, he used to find two beggars. Seeing the king, he used to call them a beggar.

Lord, you have given a lot to this king. Give it to me too The other beggar used to say – O Rajan, God has given you a lot. Give me something too

One day both beggars started talking among themselves. One who asks for God said – You should ask God. God listens to everyone.

Gives to all. The one who asked for the king said – Stupid idiot. God has not listened for so many years. Ask for what you see in front of you.

One day the king called his minister and told him – one of the beggars sitting outside the temple asks God.

God will surely listen to him, but another beggar asks for me. You do one thing
Fill a large pot with kheer and pour gold coins in it and give it to that beggar.

The minister did the same. As soon as he got the kheer, the beggar started eating it with fun. While eating kheer, he started teasing other beggars.

The elder came asking for God, asking for it – the whole life has passed. What did God give you? On asking for the king, I got kheer.

Kheer was more than a big pot. When his stomach was full, he gave the pot of kheer to another beggar and said, “My stomach is full.” Now you eat the rest.

The next day the king went to the temple again. The king saw, the beggar asking for God was missing, but the beggar asking for the king was still sitting there. The king asked him in shock – you did not get the pot of kheer.

Beggar said – Maharaj was found. Kheer was very tasty. I ate full. The king asked – what happened then.

The beggar said – Maharaja Kheer was more. I gave the remaining pudding to the beggar sitting here. That idiot always kept saying. God will give – God will give.

The king said smilingly – you are not stupid. God also listened to it and gave it to him.

Big opportunities can give great success. You can get all this only and only with patience.

31 Trust your friends and friends

You all must have heard the stories of the friendship of Shri Krishna and Sudama. They lived together both days and nights.

Not only this, they used to do everything together. Once upon a time, both were roaming in a forest.

When they were returning. Then they lost their way. He was very hungry and thirsty so he decided to rest under a tree.

When they were both resting under the tree. Then Shri Krishna saw that there was fruit on that tree.

Shri Krishna broke that fruit. Shri Krishna cut 7 pieces of that fruit and due to his habit gave the first piece to Sudama.

Sudama said while eating a piece of fruit – this fruit is very tasty. I have never eaten such fruit. May I have another piece.

Sudama also got a second piece of fruit. While doing so, Sudama asked for 5 pieces of 4 pieces and ate them.

When Sudama also asked for the last piece. Then Shri Krishna said – now it is too much. It is out of range. I am also hungry. you’re my sweetheart. Don’t you love me

Saying this, Shri Krishna put that piece in his mouth. Shri Krishna spits it on the ground as soon as it was placed in the mouth. Because that fruit was very bitter.

Shri Krishna asked Sudama – You are not mad. How did you eat such bitter fruit?

Sudama said – Those hands with which to eat lots of sweet fruits. How to complain about a bitter fruit.

I kept taking all the pieces so that you do not know that this fruit is very bitter.

Friends, from this Motivational Story I want to explain to you that where there are friendship and love. There should be no doubt about anything.

This life shows you both good and bad times, so don’t be arrogant on good days and be patient with bad days.

32 Don’t be angry at the stupid person

once upon a time. A man took a taxi to go to his house. The taxi driver was a very nice man. That song humming.

I was driving a taxi with fun. At the next turn, a vehicle suddenly came out from the side and came on the road in front of it.

The taxi driver stopped the taxi by braking very fast. By doing this, the taxi survived – collided with another vehicle.

The man sitting in the taxi thought that now this taxi driver will call the vehicle bad.
The surprising thing is that nothing happened but the person who was at fault. He got down from his car and started abusing the taximan.

The taxi person did not get angry even after hearing the worst. Instead, he apologized and proceeded to smile. Seeing this, the man sitting in the taxi was very surprised.

He asked the taximan – it was not your fault, yet you heard so much and apologized. Why did you do this?

The taxi driver said smilingly – such people feel that they have carried the burden of the whole family on their shoulders. Such people are full of despair. As well as being angry with everyone.

Over time, the burden increases more and more. When the burden becomes too much, such people look for such people to lighten this burden.

On which they could vent their anger. When I meet such a person, I smile and apologize to them and move forward.

Friends, from this Motivational Story I want to explain to you that if you too meet such people in this journey of life, then welcome them smilingly.

Also, before making them a victim, make a distance with such people. If you do not do this, they will make you their prey to lighten the whole burden.

33  Never Give Up Motivation

Friends, whenever you move forward in your life or try something new. Then comes a time that after seeing the problems faced, we give up or give up our weapons and give up fighting.

Whenever such a situation comes. There is a piece of important information is that thing to always remember: “Winners are not from those people. Those who never fail but the winners are the people.

Those who never give up. If you want to achieve your dreams, then you will have to focus on only two things.

First – you must trust yourself. Secondly – you have to keep on not giving up.

I want to tell you that the path you will follow to fulfill your dreams. That will not be easy. It will be difficult.

At the same time, you will find many such people on that path. Those who will try their best to get you out of your dreams, no matter how difficult you are, but you do not have to give up.

If you give up, your dream will remain a dream, then one day in the future you will say regretting – I could do it. I should have done this.

Your dream is not your dream, but with it, the dreams of many people like your friends, family, relatives, etc. are also connected. If you have failed to fulfill your dreams, then it is not a problem.

Stand up again because “It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday.” It makes a difference in what you did for tomorrow. “
I will say the same to you – Never ever give up because if you give up then you will have to spend your whole life with regrets.

Every moment, every moment, I would spend time saying that I could. It was very easy.
Now here you have to decide whether you want to spend every moment of your life with happiness or spend it with the moment when you gave up.

I want to remind you again. Keep moving forward by trusting in yourself, your dreams will definitely come true.
Friends, in today’s time, students commit suicide by giving up. We and you together can save someone’s life.

34  no more excuses A Motivational Stories

Friends, I have seen the life of many students. Which has resulted in an important result?

According to this result, the student spends most of his life in making excuses, that is, whenever he gets any work, he makes some excuse for not doing that work.

All the students have almost the same excuse. Let me tell you some examples.

I will not do this work today, this work is very difficult, I cannot do it, today I am very tired,

I have no motivation to do this work. Students often make many such excuses.

Whenever something comes up, he makes an excuse instead of doing that work and tries to run away from that work.

I want to tell you one thing that people don’t mind your excuses. The only difference is above one person and that is you yourself.

That is, any work will have negative and positive effects only on you.

This is your job No one else will come to do it. You will have to do this work.

Whether you do it tomorrow, today or now. So it is better. Do it today.

If you make an excuse today and avoid it tomorrow, then there will be a kind of tension on you. Due to which your energy and ability to work will be reduced.

There will be a pain in your head and at the same time, your worklists will be prepared. Due to which your stress will increase even more.

Conversely, if you can do the work today, your mind will relax and you will get positive energy.

If you keep making excuses, you will never recognize the energy inside you. Any work is difficult to see, not to do.

Believe me, you can do anything. Therefore, stop making excuses for any work from today itself.

35  Poor people can also create history.

Is the hero of this success story. Michael Jordan. Who is also considered the God of basketball? He was born into a poor family.

These were four brothers. His father did not get much salary. One day, his father called him to him and while showing an old t-shirt asked – how much is this t-shirt worth?
Michael said – $ 1 his father said – you have to sell this t-shirt for $ 2. Friends here is one thing to understand carefully. Michael did not tell his father that this t-shirt could not be sold for $ 2.

Instead, they thought about how it would sell for $ 2. Instead of finding excuses for anything, Michael wondered how it would work.

After that Michael washed that T-shirt in good order and went to the market.

They worked all day to sell it, and later someone near the railway station bought it for $ 2. Michael brought the $ 2 he gave to his father. Father was very happy.

A few days later the father again called Michael and asked – son what will be the cost of this T-shirt.

Michael said – Papa, listening to $ 1, the father said – you have to sell it for $ 20 today. Michael did not say that it would not happen. Instead, he wondered how it would happen.

While thinking, Michael got an idea. He pasted a sticker of Mickey Mouse on the T-shirt and took it outside the school where the children of Amiro studied.

He started shouting. Mickey Mouse T-shirt for $ 20. On the stubbornness of a child, his father got him that T-shirt. Also gave Michael a $ 5 tip.

After coming home, Michael gave $ 25 to his father. The father said happily – you will do a great job in life.

One day the father called Michael again and asked – How much is this son’s T-shirt. Michael said – Papa $ 1 father said – today you have to sell it for $ 200. Michael did not say that it would not happen. He thought how would it happen.

Then he came to know that Hollywood’s most beautiful actress has come to the city near him. Michael immediately got the idea.

He picked up that t-shirt and reached there. Somehow he reached that beautiful actress and started insisting on the autograph on that t-shirt. He gave her the autograph on that t-shirt.

He then went to the market and set up a small stall and shouted. Autographed t-shirt of Hollywood’s most beautiful actress for just $ 200. Gradually, the crowd started gathering.

People standing in the crowd shouted. People started bidding to buy that t-shirt. Some were speaking $ 300, some $ 400, and some $ 1000. Then came a voice from behind. I will give you $ 2000 for this t-shirt.

Michael took $ 2000 and gave it to his father. Due to happiness, tears came in the eyes of the father.

He told his son – son, now you can do anything in life and today we all know that Michael Jordan is considered the God of basketball.

Friends, from this success story I want to explain to you that instead of making excuses for any work, you should ask how this work will be done.

If you do that, then nothing can stop you from completing that work.

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36  How to identify the right opportunity

Once a father invited his children to him. He wanted to explain to them how to choose the right opportunity.

For this, he took a vessel of water and put a frog in it. The frog was jumping in the water with great fun.

After some time, the father burns the fire under that vessel. Gradually, the water of the vessel starts heating up.

The frog does not try to get out of that pot. Instead, he starts to adapt to that temperature.

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As the water gets warmer. That frog adapts itself to that water. But after some time the water became so hot that it started boiling.

Adapting itself to boiling water was beyond the ability of frogs.

Now the frog started to get out of this vessel, so he jumped but he could not get out of the vessel.

He leaped again. He again fell back into the same vessel. Finally, he died in the same vessel.

Do you know why the frog could not get out of the pot because he used his sari’s energy to adapt himself to that hot water?
When the right time came to get out of the pot. Then he had no energy left to jump.

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Friends, from this Motivational Story I want to explain to you that a person loses due to his thinking in front of circumstances.

Never compromise with the circumstances, because when will the smallest problem take a big form. Nothing can be said about this. Motivational Short Stories in Hindi | How to identify the right opportunity

37  Life-Changing Stories | solution to the problem

A poor farmer lived in a village. He spent the whole day working in the fields and caring for his family.

The parents of that farmer were also poor and he too was spending his life in poverty. With the age of children, their expenses were also increasing.

He often wondered how difficult it was to live life. One problem does not take the name of the end.

Before that, the second problem comes and sits on the head. My whole life will go out to solve these problems.

A famous Mahatma lived in Saka village. He thought why not go to that Mahatma and tell him his problem.

One day he went to that Mahatma. He told the Mahatma all his troubles.

After hearing everything Mahatma started laughing. After some time the Mahatma said – you go with me.

I will tell you the solution to all your problems. That Mahatma took the farmer and reached the banks of the river.

He stopped there and told the farmer – I reached the other side of the river. I will tell you the solution to all your problems.

The farmer said – OK. It was too late for both of them to stand on the river bank.

That farmer could not understand why we stood on the banks of the river. His patience dam was broken. He said to the Mahatma – If we have to go to the other side, then we should cross the river. Why did we stand on the banks of the river?

Hearing this, the Mahatma said – Son, I am waiting for the river to dry up. When the water of the river becomes completely dry.

Then we will cross the river and go to the other side. Hearing this, the farmer said – the water of the river will never dry up.

On hearing this, Mahatma started laughing. He said – this is the solution to all your problems. Our life is like this river and the problems are like this water.

When you know that the water in the river will not dry, then you have to try and cross the river by yourself.

If you sit on the shore and wait for the river to dry, then you will not get any happiness throughout your life.

Friends, from this Motivational Story I want to explain to you that the problems in your life will never end. Do not panic with problems. If you want to do something in life, then you will have to face these problems and move forward.

How far will you deal with these problems? It will grow that much. There is only one way to eliminate them. Face them firmly

38  Everything Is Possible Motivation

Unsuccessful people try to explain to other people through this story that they could not succeed for what reason.

I will tell you one thing – whatever is right or wrong in our life. We cannot control it but we can definitely control one thing.

How do we take what we have on ourselves? In a good way or in the wrong way.

If you have a dream and you are afraid of that dream that you cannot fulfill it. Do not panic thinking that everything is possible.

Let’s understand this in a good way with an example. Whoever is the scientist in this world.

He has shown this world that everything is possible with his inventions. The inventions made by them tell us that dreams can be converted into reality.

If they can, then you can too. You too can turn your dreams into reality. Any person who trusts himself. He can make the impossible possible.
This life, this time you have got something to do. Do not waste it just like that. If you wasted this time today, you will not get this time again.

Unsuccessful people lose courage. They lose confidence in themselves. They make a story to explain themselves. With the help of this story, they try to give clarification to other people.

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