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Writing content is an art, digital sports info provides all of you a free platform where you can publish content free. We will give you credit for your article. On this website, this is a [Write For Us] page, you can submit any kind of content, related to any topics.

Rules for Writing content

1. Minimum of 500 words are required for publishing content, but more words are better.
2. If found, any single line or paragraph as copyright content, will not be accepted and will be deleted, but in all content.
3. Content should be easy to read.
4. More part of the content should be in active voice, not more than 20% should be a passive voice in content
5. If any kind of grammatical errors found in the content, will be deleted or will not be accepted.
6. Complete content should comply with SEO rules.
7. Should follow this formation of content, if you want to be published your article in Digital Sports Info freely

7.1 Title should be between (40 to 55 characters with space), Or Green with Yoast SEO
7.2 Meta description should be green with the Yoast SEO
7.3 Content should be uniques and good to read
7.4 There should be only 1 H1 in all content
7.5 You should use bullet points, numbering in content

Process of Submission content in Digital Sports Info

First You need to Register Your self here with your email id and password.

Then, it will automatically login to you, keep your password and email Id for the future, which you don’t need immediately. Because, as you will register, you will be Login automatically, if you are not logged in, then you can use your email ID & Password.

After login, you need to click on Dashboard, then you will get Site-admin

Click on Site-Admin, then click on the post and then the new post. Now you are ready to write an article for publishing your post/article on the digital sports info website.

Digital Sports Info Currently Providing these categories for Publishing your article

If you have any kind of queries please contact us, know about us. Also, know about our privacy policy.

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