Abdul Kalam Real Life Hero

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Abdul Kalam Real Life Hero

Abdul Kalam Real Life Hero
Abdul Kalam Real Life Hero

Friends, it is a matter of 1997-98 that when Indra Kumar Gujral of the Indian National Congress was the Prime Minister of India and not as a weak Prime Minister at that time he had to listen to the taunts of the people and then to avoid these taunts, he decided that he Will show this to the whole world because how much importance the party places on security.

And then that’s why he decided to confer Bharat Ratna on APJ Abdul Kalam, known as Missile Man, in 1952, except CV Raman and no scientist was considered worthy of this award, the news of this to APJ Abdul Kalam ji Arrived.

Then, he Was quite happy but quite nervous and nervous because he had neither good suits nor good shoes to wear to the ceremony and then he told this to his bud and great rocket scientist Satish Dhawan that laugh here And he told Abdul Kalam.

You are already wearing a suit of success, that’s why I have no need to show up, even in the same way, reached the ceremony, although APJ Abdul Kalam Ji made this suit for himself this time still he was comfortable in the ceremony. There was no and he was also repeatedly putting hands on sweets and what you may not know is that APJ Abdul Kalam always liked to wear sports shoes on the wounds of feet shoes.

And friends likewise once upon a time when Indira Gandhi introduced Abdul Kalam to Atal Bihari Vajpayee in a meeting but at the time of introduction, he embraced instead of shaking hands with Kalam, although seeing Indira Gandhi mischievously Smiled and quipped that Atal Ji but Kalam is a Muslim and Atal Bihari Ji also lightened the answer.

Abdul Kalam is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim, he is an Indian and a great scientist, and not 18 days after this event when Vajpayee became the Prime Minister for the second time, he invited Kalam to join his cabinet if he accepted the invitation then BJP Not only did he get a capable minister, but the message was sent to Muslims across India that casteism does not work in the BJP government.

And then after considering this proposal for the whole day, Kalam ji met Atal Bihari Vajpayee very politely and rejected the post, in fact, he said that nuclear testing is reaching its final stage and he is in his present phase. You can serve the country better by fulfilling the responsibilities and then whether after 2 months I had a nuclear test in India

And Abdul Kalam Ji was a huge contributor to this achievement and in the same way, when APJ Abdul Kalam became the President of India in 2002, he has a problem that for years, people wearing blue shirts and suit suits go everywhere What will Kalam wear now because he needs to represent the country of India to the whole world, and in this way, the good of men too is needed somewhere.

And that’s why he called the tailor who stitched the suits of many previous presidents, and then the tailor came and took the measure of APJ Abdul Kalam and brought for him four nets which used to be closed and nowadays, he was given this kind of Prince suit. Although it is known that when Kalam wore this suit, he was not at all happy with the voice because he wanted that in this group it seems that I am having trouble breathing.

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